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Convert degrees to degrees-minutes


DM = degrees2dm(angleInDegrees)


DM = degrees2dm(angleInDegrees) converts angles from values in degrees which may include a fractional part (sometimes called "decimal degrees") to degree-minutes representation. The input should be a real-valued column vector. Given N-by-1 input, DM will be N-by-2, with one row per input angle. The first column of DM contains the "degrees" element and is integer-valued. The second column contains the "minutes" element and may have a nonzero fractional part. In any given row of DM, the sign of the first nonzero element indicates the sign of the overall angle. A positive number indicates north latitude or east longitude; a negative number indicates south latitude or west longitude. Any remaining elements in that row will have nonnegative values.


angleInDegrees = [ 30.8457722555556; ...
                  -82.0444189583333; ...
dm = degrees2dm(angleInDegrees)

dm =
  30.000000000000000  50.746335333336106
 -82.000000000000000   2.665137499997741
                   0 -30.285390833333338
                   0   0.247000000000020

Introduced in R2007a

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