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DTED filenames for latitude-longitude quadrangle


fname = dteds(latlim,lonlim)
fname = dteds(latlim,lonlim,level)


fname = dteds(latlim,lonlim) returns Level 0 DTED file names (folder and name) required to cover the geographic region specified by latlim and lonlim.

fname = dteds(latlim,lonlim,level) controls the level for which the file names are generated. Valid inputs for the level of the DTED files include 0, 1, or 2.


The U. S. Department of Defense produces several kinds of digital cartographic data. One is digital elevation data, in a series called DTED, for Defense Digital Terrain Elevation Data. The data is available as 1-by-1 degree quadrangles at horizontal resolutions ranging from about 1 kilometer to 1 meter. The lowest resolution data is available to the public. Higher resolution data is restricted to the U.S. Department of Defense and its contractors.

Determining the files needed to cover a particular region requires knowledge of the DTED database naming conventions. This function constructs the file names for a given geographic region based on these conventions.


Which files are needed for Cape Cod?

latlim = [ 41.15 42.22]; lonlim = [-70.94 -69.68];

ans = 

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