Convert geocentric (ECEF) to geodetic coordinates


[phi,lambda,h] = ecef2geodetic(x,y,z,ellipsoid)


[phi,lambda,h] = ecef2geodetic(x,y,z,ellipsoid) converts geocentric Cartesian coordinates, stored in the coordinate arrays x, y, z, to geodetic coordinates phi (geodetic latitude in radians), lambda (geodetic longitude in radians), and h (height above the ellipsoid). ellipsoid is a referenceEllipsoid (oblateSpheroid) object, a referenceSphere object, or a vector of the form [semimajor axis, eccentricity]. Arrays x, y, z, and h must use the same units as the semimajor axis. x, y, z, phi, lambda, and h must have the same shape.


For a definition of the geocentric system, also known as Earth-Centered, Earth-Fixed (ECEF), see the help for geodetic2ecef.

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