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Project filled 3-D patch objects on map axes


h = fill3m(lat,lon,z,cdata)
h = fill3m(lat,lon,z,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...)


h = fill3m(lat,lon,z,cdata) projects and displays any patch object with vertices defined by vectors lat and lon to the current map axes. The scalar z indicates the altitude plane at which the patch is displayed. The input cdata defines the patch face color. The patch handle or handles, h, can be returned.

h = fill3m(lat,lon,z,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...) allows any property name/property value pair supported by patch to be assigned to the fill3m object.


lat = [30 15 0 0 0 15 30 30]';
lon = [-60 -60 -60 0 60 60 60 0]';
axesm bonne; framem

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Introduced before R2006a

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