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GUI for handles of specified mapped objects


Command Line

h = handlem

h = handlem('prompt')


h = handlem brings up a Select Object dialog box, which lists all currently displayed objects. Objects can be selected and their handles returned.

h = handlem('prompt') brings up a Specify Object dialog box, which allows greater control of object selection.


Select Object Dialog Box

The scroll box is used to select the desired objects from the list of mapped objects. Pushing the Select all button highlights all objects in the scroll box for selection. Pushing the OK button returns the object handles in the variable h. Pushing the Cancel button aborts the operation.

Specify Object Dialog Box

The Object Controls are used to select an object type or tag. The Name pull-down menu is used to select from a list of predefined object strings. The Other Tag edit box is used to specify an object tag not listed in the Name pull-down menu. Pushing the Select button brings up the Select Object dialog box, which shows only the currently displayed objects for selection.

The Match Controls are used when a Handle Graphics® object type (image, line, surface, patch, or text) is specified. The Untagged Objects selection button is used to return the handles of only those objects with empty tag properties. The All Objects selection button is used to return all object handles of the specified type, regardless of whether they are tagged.

Pushing the Apply button returns the handles of the specified objects. Pushing the Cancel button aborts the operation.

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