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Convert between geodetic and authalic latitudes


An AuthalicLatitudeConverter object provides conversion methods between geodetic and authalic latitudes for an ellipsoid with a given eccentricity.

The authalic latitude maps an ellipsoid (oblate spheroid) to a sphere while preserving surface area. Use authalic latitudes when implementing equal area map projections on the ellipsoid.


You can use the map.geodesy.AuthalicLatitudeConverter function to create an AuthalicLatitudeConverter object.


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Ellipsoid eccentricity, specifed as a numeric scalar. Eccentricity is in the interval [0, 0.5]. (Eccentricities larger than 0.5 are possible in theory, but do not occur in practice and are not supported.)

Data Types: double

Object Functions

forward Convert geodetic latitude to authalic, conformal, isometric, or rectifying latitude
inverse Convert authalic, conformal, isometric, or rectifying latitude to geodetic latitude

Introduced in R2013a

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