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map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter class

Package: map.geodesy

Convert between geodetic and conformal latitudes


The conformal latitude maps an ellipsoid (oblate spheroid) to a sphere while preserving shapes and angles locally. (Curves that meet at a given angle on the ellipsoid meet at the same angle on the sphere.) Use conformal latitudes when implementing conformal map projections on the ellipsoid. A map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter object provides conversion methods between geodetic and conformal latitudes for an ellipsoid with a given eccentricity.


converter = map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter creates a conformal latitude converter object for a sphere (with Eccentricity 0).

converter = map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter(spheroid) creates a conformal latitude converter object with Eccentricity matching the specified spheroid object.

Input Arguments


Reference spheroid, specified as a scalar referenceEllipsoid, oblateSpheroid, and referenceSphere object.



Scalar double falling in the interval [0 0.5]. (Eccentricities larger than 0.5 are possible in theory, but do not occur in practice and are not supported.)


forward Geodetic latitude to conformal latitude
inverse Conformal latitude to geodetic latitude

Copy Semantics

Value. To learn how value classes affect copy operations, see Copying Objects (MATLAB) in the MATLAB® documentation.


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grs80 = referenceEllipsoid('GRS 80');

conv1 = map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter;
conv1.Eccentricity = grs80.Eccentricity
conv1 = 

  ConformalLatitudeConverter with properties:

    Eccentricity: 0.0818
grs80 = referenceEllipsoid('GRS 80');

conv2 = map.geodesy.ConformalLatitudeConverter(grs80)
conv2 = 

  ConformalLatitudeConverter with properties:

    Eccentricity: 0.0818
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