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True if input matches'degree' and false if 'radian'


tf = map.geodesy.isDegree(angleUnit)



tf = map.geodesy.isDegree(angleUnit) returns true if angleUnit is a partial match for 'degree' (or 'degrees') and false if angleUnit is a partial match for 'radian' (or 'radians'). If angleUnit matches neither 'degrees' or 'radians', map.geodesy.isDegree returns an error.


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Create a function to calculate a cosine. In the function, use map.geodesy.isDegree to check the validity of the inputs.

function y = cosine(x, angleUnit)
% X can be in either degrees or radians
if map.geodesy.isDegree(angleUnit)
    y = cosd(x);
    y = cos(x);

Input Arguments

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Angle unit value, specified as 'degree' or 'radian'.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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True/false flag indicating if a match was found, returned as a logical scalar.

Introduced in R2013a

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