Compute bounding box of georeferenced image or data grid


bbox = mapbbox(R, height, width)
bbox = mapbbox(R, sizea)
BBOX = mapbbox(info)


bbox = mapbbox(R, height, width) computes the 2-by-2 bounding box of a georeferenced image or regular gridded data set. R is either a 3-by-2 referencing matrix defining a 2-dimensional affine transformation from intrinsic pixel coordinates to map coordinates, or a map.rasterref.MapRasterReference object. height and width are the image dimensions. bbox bounds the outer edges of the image in map coordinates:

[minX minY
 maxX maxY]

bbox = mapbbox(R, sizea) accepts sizea = [height, width, ...] instead of height and width.

BBOX = mapbbox(info) accepts a scalar struct array with the fields


3-by-2 referencing matrix


Scalar number


Scalar number

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