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Compute bounding box of georeferenced image or data grid


bbox = mapbbox(R,height,width)
bbox = mapbbox(R, sizea)
BBOX = mapbbox(info)


bbox = mapbbox(R,height,width) computes the 2-by-2 bounding box of a georeferenced image or regular gridded data set. R is either a 3-by-2 referencing matrix defining a 2-dimensional affine transformation from intrinsic pixel coordinates to map coordinates, or a MapCellsReference object. (If you are using a raster reference object, you can calculate the bounding box from the object limit properties of the object rather than using this function.) height and width are the image dimensions. bbox bounds the outer edges of the image in map coordinates:

[minX minY
 maxX maxY]

bbox = mapbbox(R, sizea) accepts sizea = [height, width, ...] instead of height and width.

BBOX = mapbbox(info) accepts a scalar struct array with the fields


3-by-2 referencing matrix


Scalar number


Scalar number

Introduced before R2006a

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