Class: mappoint

Remove dynamic property from mappoint vector


p = rmfield(p, fieldname)
p = rmfield(p, fields)


p = rmfield(p, fieldname) removes the field specified by the string, fieldname , from the mappoint vector, p.

p = rmfield(p, fields) removes all the fields specified by the cell array, fields.

    Note:   rmfield cannot remove X, Y and Metadata fields and the string specified is case sensitive.

Input Arguments


mappoint vector.


Exact string representing the name of the property.


Cell array of strings specifying the names of the properties.

Output Arguments


Updated mappoint vector with the field(s) removed.


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Remove fields from a mappoint vector

Create a mappoint vector and delete a field from it.

p = mappoint(shaperead('tsunamis'));
p2 = rmfield(p, 'Geometry')
p2 = 

 162x1 mappoint vector with properties:

 Collection properties:
       Geometry: 'point'
       Metadata: [1x1 struct]
 Feature properties:
              X: [1x162 double]
              Y: [1x162 double]
           Year: [1x162 double]
          Month: [1x162 double]
            Day: [1x162 double]
           Hour: [1x162 double]
         Minute: [1x162 double]
         Second: [1x162 double]
       Val_Code: [1x162 double]
       Validity: {1x162 cell}
     Cause_Code: [1x162 double]
          Cause: {1x162 cell}
         Eq_Mag: [1x162 double]
        Country: {1x162 cell}
       Location: {1x162 cell}
     Max_Height: [1x162 double]
       Iida_Mag: [1x162 double]
      Intensity: [1x162 double]
     Num_Deaths: [1x162 double]
    Desc_Deaths: [1x162 double]
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