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Class: mappoint

Remove dynamic property from mappoint vector


p = rmfield(p, fieldname)
p = rmfield(p, fields)


p = rmfield(p, fieldname) removes the field specified by the character vector, fieldname, from the mappoint vector, p. The character vector is case-sensitive.

p = rmfield(p, fields) removes all the fields specified by the cell array of character vectors, fields.

    Note:   rmfield cannot remove X, Y and Metadata fields.

Input Arguments


mappoint vector.


Character vector representing the name of the property. The name is case-sensitive.


Cell array of character vectors specifying the names of the properties.

Output Arguments


Updated mappoint vector with the field(s) removed.


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Create a mappoint vector and delete a field from it.

p = mappoint(shaperead('tsunamis'));
p2 = rmfield(p, 'Geometry')
p2 = 

 162x1 mappoint vector with properties:

 Collection properties:
       Geometry: 'point'
       Metadata: [1x1 struct]
 Feature properties:
              X: [1x162 double]
              Y: [1x162 double]
           Year: [1x162 double]
          Month: [1x162 double]
            Day: [1x162 double]
           Hour: [1x162 double]
         Minute: [1x162 double]
         Second: [1x162 double]
       Val_Code: [1x162 double]
       Validity: {1x162 cell}
     Cause_Code: [1x162 double]
          Cause: {1x162 cell}
         Eq_Mag: [1x162 double]
        Country: {1x162 cell}
       Location: {1x162 cell}
     Max_Height: [1x162 double]
       Iida_Mag: [1x162 double]
      Intensity: [1x162 double]
     Num_Deaths: [1x162 double]
    Desc_Deaths: [1x162 double]
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