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List available map projections and verify names


strmat = maps('namelist')
strmat = maps('idlist')
stdstr = maps('proj_id_abbrev')


maps displays in the Command Window a table describing all projections available for use.

strmat = maps('namelist') returns the English names for the available projections as a matrix of character vectors.

strmat = maps('idlist') returns the standard projection identifiers for the available projections as a matrix of character vectors.

stdstr = maps('proj_id_abbrev') returns the specific standard projection identification associated with a unique abbreviation.


To show the first five entries of the projections name list,

str1 = maps('namelist');
ans =
Balthasart Cylindrical          
Behrmann Cylindrical            
Bolshoi Sovietskii Atlas Mira   
Braun Perspective Cylindrical   
Cassini Cylindrical    

The corresponding shorthand names are

str2 = maps('idlist');
ans =

These shorthand names can be used, for example, when setting the axesm property MapProjection.

The functions setm and axesm recognize unique abbreviations (truncations) of these names. The maps function can be used to convert such an abbreviation to the standard ID:

stdstr = maps('merc')
stdstr =

When the function name alone is used,


MapTools Projections 
CLASS             NAME                               ID STRING  
Cylindrical       Balthasart Cylindrical             balthsrt
Cylindrical       Behrmann Cylindrical               behrmann
Cylindrical       Bolshoi Sovietskii Atlas Mira*     bsam
Cylindrical       Braun Perspective Cylindrical*     braun
Cylindrical       Cassini Cylindrical                cassini
Cylindrical       Central Cylindrical*               ccylin
Cylindrical       Equal Area Cylindrical             eqacylin
Cylindrical       Equidistant Cylindrical            eqdcylin
Cylindrical       Gall Isographic                    giso...

The actual result contains all defined projections.

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