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Class: mapshape

Concatenate mapshape vectors


s= cat(dim,s1, s2, ...)


s= cat(dim,s1, s2, ...) concatenates the mapshape vectors s1,s2 and so on along dimensions dim. dim must be 1.

Input Arguments

s1, s2, ...

mapshape vectors to be concatenated.

Output Arguments


Concatenated mapshape vector.


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Concatenate two mapshape vectors

Create two mapshape vectors and concatenate them into a single vector.

s1 = mapshape(42,-110, 'Temperature', 65);
s2 = mapshape(42.2, -110.5, 'Temperature', 65.6);
s1s2 = cat(1,s1,s2)
s1s2 = 

 2x1 mapshape vector with properties:

 Collection properties:
       Geometry: 'line'
       Metadata: [1x1 struct]
 Vertex properties:
  (2 features concatenated with 1 delimiter)
       X: [42 NaN 42.2000]
      Y: [-110 NaN -110.5000]
 Feature properties:
    Temperature: [65 65.6000]

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