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Trim lines to latitude-longitude quadrangle


[lat,lon] = maptriml(lat0,lon0,latlim,lonlim)


[lat,lon] = maptriml(lat0,lon0,latlim,lonlim) returns filtered NaN-delimited vector map data sets from which all points lying outside the desired latitude and longitude limits have been discarded. These limits are specified by the two-element vectors latlim and lonlim, which have the form [south-limit north-limit] and [west-limit east-limit], respectively.


Following is a simple example:

lat0 = [1:10,9:-1:0]; lon0 = -30:-11;
[lat,lon] = maptriml(lat0,lon0,[3 7],[-29 -12]);
[lat lon]

ans =
   NaN   NaN
     3   -28
     4   -27
     5   -26
     6   -25
     7   -24
   NaN   NaN
     7   -18
     6   -17
     5   -16
     4   -15
     3   -14
   NaN   NaN

Notice that trimmed line segment ends have NaNs inserted at trim points.

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Introduced before R2006a

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