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Toggle and control display of parallel labels




plabel toggles the visibility of parallel labeling on the current map axes.

plabel('on') sets the visibility of parallel labels to 'on'.

plabel('off') sets the visibility of parallel labels to 'off'.

plabel('reset') resets the displayed parallel labels using the currently defined parallel label properties.

plabel(meridian) sets the value of the PLabelMeridian property of the map axes to the value meridian. This determines the meridian upon which the labels are placed (see axesm). The options for meridian are a scalar longitude or 'east', 'west', or 'prime'.

plabel(MapAxesPropertyName,PropertyValue,...) allows paired map axes property names and property values to be passed in. For a complete description of map axes properties, see the axesm reference page.

Parallel label handles can be returned in h if desired.

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Introduced before R2006a

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