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Project 2-D lines and points on map axes


h = plotm(lat,lon)
h = plotm(lat,lon,linetype)
h = plotm(lat,lon,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...)
h = plotm([lat lon],...)


h = plotm(lat,lon) displays projected line objects on the current map axes. lat and lon are the latitude and longitude coordinates, respectively, of the line object to be projected. Note that this ordering is conceptually reversed from the MATLAB® line function, because the vertical (y) coordinate comes first. However, the ordering latitude, then longitude, is standard geographic usage. lat and lon must be the same size, and in the AngleUnits of the map axes. The object handle for the displayed line can be returned in h.

h = plotm(lat,lon,linetype) where linetype is a linespec that specifies the line style.

h = plotm(lat,lon,PropertyName,PropertyValue,...) allows the specification of any number of property name/property value pairs for any properties recognized by the MATLAB line function except for XData, YData, and ZData.

h = plotm([lat lon],...) allows the coordinates to be packed into a single two-column matrix.

plotm is the mapping equivalent of the MATLAB plot function.


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Display coastline data on map axes.

load coastlines
axesm sinusoid; 

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