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Project point markers with variable color and area


h = scatterm(...)


scatterm(lat,lon,s,c) displays colored circles at the locations specified by the vectors lat and lon (which must be the same size). The area of each marker is determined by the values in the vector s (in points2) and the colors of each marker are based on the values in c. s can be a scalar, in which case all the markers are drawn the same size, or a vector the same length as lat and lon.

When c is a vector the same length as lat and lon, the values in c are linearly mapped to the colors in the current colormap. When c is a length(lat)-by-3 matrix, the values in c specify the colors of the markers as RGB values. c can also be a color character vector.

scatterm(lat,lon) draws the markers in the default size and color.

scatterm(lat,lon,s) draws the markers with a single color.

scatterm(...,m) uses the marker m instead of 'o'.

scatterm(...,'filled') fills the markers.

scatterm(ax,...) plots into axes ax instead of gca. ax is a handle to a map axes.

h = scatterm(...) returns a handle to an hggroup.


Plot the seamount MATLAB® data as symbols with the color proportional to the height.

load seamount
worldmap([-49 -47.5],[-150 -147.5])

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Introduced before R2006a

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