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Set properties of map axes and graphics objects




setm(h,MapAxesPropertyName,PropertyValue,...), where h is a valid map axes handle, sets the map axes properties specified in the input list. The map axes properties must be recognized by axesm.

setm(texthndl,'MapPosition',position) alters the position of the projected text object specified by its handle to the [latitude longitude] or the [latitude longitude altitude] specified by the position vector.

setm(surfhndl,'Graticule',lat,lon,alt) alters the graticule of the projected surface object specified by its handle. The graticule is specified by the latitude and longitude matrices, specifying locations of the graticule vertices. The altitude can be specified by a scalar, or by a matrix providing a value for each vertex.

setm(surfhndl,'MeshGrat',npts,alt) alters the mesh graticule of projected surface objects displayed using the meshm function. In this case, the two-element vector npts specifies the graticule size in the manner described under meshm. The altitude can be a scalar or a matrix with a size corresponding to npts.


Display a map axes and alter it:


The standard Bonne projection has a standard parallel at 30ºN.

Setting this standard parallel to 0º results in a Sinusoidal projection:


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Introduced before R2006a

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