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Toggle display of map coordinate axes




showaxes(action) modifies the Cartesian axes based on the value of action, as defined in the Inputs section below.

showaxes toggles between displaying the default axes ticks on the MATLAB® Cartesian axes and removing the axes ticks.

Input Arguments


A character vector or RGB triple that specifies how to modify the Cartesian axes

'on'Displays the MATLAB Cartesian axes and default axes ticks
'off'Removes the axes ticks from the MATLAB Cartesian axes
'hide' Hides the Cartesian axes
'show'Shows the Cartesian axes
'reset'Sets the Cartesian axes to the default settings
'boxoff'Removes axes ticks, color, and box from the Cartesian axes
colorstrSets the Cartesian axes to the color specified by colorstr
colorvecUses colorvec to set the Cartesian axes color

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Introduced before R2006a

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