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Small Circles and Ellipses

Define small circles and ellipses


ellipse1 Geographic ellipse from center, semimajor axes, eccentricity, and azimuth
gcxsc Intersection points for great and small circle pairs
scircle1 Small circles from center, range, and azimuth
scircle2 Small circles from center and perimeter
scircleg Small circle defined via mouse input
scirclui GUI to display small circles on map axes
scxsc Intersection points for pairs of small circles
sectorg Sector of small circle defined via mouse input


Small Circles

A small circle is the intersection of a plane with the surface of a sphere.

Create Small Circle and Track Annotations on Maps Interactively

You can generate geographic line annotations, such as navigational tracks and small circles, interactively.

Calculate Intersections of Small Circles

This example shows to calculate the intersection of two small circles using the scxsc function.

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