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Standard File Formats

Read and write data in ASCII, GeoTIFF, KML, shapefile, and world file format


arcgridread Read gridded data set in ArcGrid ASCII or GridFloat format
sdtsdemread Read data from SDTS raster/DEM data set
sdtsinfo Information about SDTS data set
worldfileread Read world file and return referencing object or matrix
worldfilewrite Write world file from referencing object or matrix
getworldfilename Derive worldfile name from image filename
geotiff2mstruct Convert GeoTIFF information to map projection structure
geotiffinfo Information about GeoTIFF file
geotiffread Read GeoTIFF file
geotiffwrite Write GeoTIFF file
kmlwrite Write geographic data to KML file
kmlwriteline Write geographic line data to KML file
kmlwritepoint Write geographic point data to KML file
kmlwritepolygon Write geographic polygon to KML file
gpxread Read GPX file
makeattribspec Attribute specification from geographic data structure
shapeinfo Information about shapefile
shaperead Read vector features and attributes from shapefile
shapewrite Write geographic vector data structure to shapefile
makedbfspec DBF specification from geographic data structure
imread Read image from graphics file
imwrite Write image to graphics file


map.geotiff.RPCCoefficientTag Rational Polynomial Coefficients Tag


Exporting Vector Geodata

When you want to share geodata you are working with, Mapping Toolbox™ functions can export it two principal formats, shapefiles and KML files.

Exporting KML Files for Viewing in Earth Browsers

Keyhole Markup Language (KML) is an XML dialect for formatting 2-D and 3-D geodata for display in "Earth browsers."

Selecting Data to Read with the shaperead Function

Import only data fields of interest from shapefiles using the shaperead function.

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