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Thematic Maps

Convey attribute data on map; stem maps, scatter maps


quiverm Project 2-D quiver plot on map axes
quiver3m Project 3-D quiver plot on map axes
scatterm Project point markers with variable color and area
stem3m Project stem plot on map axes
symbolm Project point markers with variable size

Examples and How To

Create Choropleth Map of Population Density

This example shows how to create a choropleth map of population density for the six New England states in the year 2000.


What Is a Thematic Map?

Most published and online maps fall into four categories:Although online maps often combine these categories in new and unexpected ways, published maps and atlases tend to respect them.

Choropleth Maps

The most familiar form of thematic map is probably the choropleth map (from the Greek choros, for place, and plethos, for magnitude).

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