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Vector and Raster Map Display

Display vector or raster data on map


geoshow Display map latitude and longitude data
grid2image Display regular data grid as image
linem Project line object on map axes
makesymbolspec Construct vector layer symbolization specification
mapshow Display map data without projection
meshm Project regular data grid on map axes
pcolorm Project regular data grid on map axes in z = 0 plane
plotm Project 2-D lines and points on map axes
plot3m Project 3-D lines and points on map axes
surfm Project geolocated data grid on map axes
usamap Construct map axes for United States of America
worldmap Construct map axes for given region of world

Examples and How To

Display Vector Data as Points and Lines

This example shows how to display vector data as points and lines.

Display Vector Maps as Lines or Patches

This example shows how to display vector maps as lines or patches (filled-in polygons).

Fitting Gridded Data to the Graticule

The toolbox projects surface objects in a manner similar to the traditional methods of mapmaking.

Create 3-D Displays with Raster Data

This example shows how to create 3-D displays with raster data by setting up surface views, which requires explicit horizontal coordinates.

Colormaps for Political Maps

Political maps typically use muted, contrasting colors that make it easy to distinguish one country from its neighbors.


Types of Data Grids and Raster Display Functions

Mapping Toolbox™ functions and GUIs display both regular and geolocated data grids originating in a variety of formats.

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