Vector Data

Analyze and transform point, line, and polygon data


bufferm Buffer zones for latitude-longitude polygons
closePolygonParts Close all rings in multipart polygon
extractfield Field values from structure array
flatearthpoly Insert points along date line to pole
interpm Densify latitude-longitude sampling in lines or polygons
intrplat Interpolate latitude at given longitude
intrplon Interpolate longitude at given latitude
isShapeMultipart True if polygon or line has multiple parts
linecirc Intersections of circles and lines in Cartesian plane
maptriml Trim lines to latitude-longitude quadrangle
maptrimp Trim polygons to latitude-longitude quadrangle
polyjoin Convert line or polygon parts from cell arrays to vector form
polymerge Merge line segments with matching endpoints
polysplit Convert line or polygon parts from vector form to cell arrays
reducem Reduce density of points in vector data
removeExtraNanSeparators Clean up NaN separators in polygons and lines
ispolycw True if polygon vertices are in clockwise order
poly2ccw Convert polygon contour to counterclockwise vertex ordering
poly2cw Convert polygon contour to clockwise vertex ordering
poly2fv Convert polygonal region to patch faces and vertices
polybool Set operations on polygonal regions
polyxpoly Intersection points for lines or polygon edges


geopoint Geographic point vector
geoshape Geographic shape vector
mappoint Planar point vector
mapshape Planar shape vector
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