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Web Map Display

View web maps in a web browser


webmap Open web map
wmclose Close web map
wmprint Print web map
wmmarker Display geographic marker on web map
wmline Display geographic line on web map
wmpolygonDisplay geographic polygon on web map
wmremove Remove overlay on web map
wmcenterSet or obtain web map center point
wmzoomSet or obtain zoom level of web map
wmlimits Set or obtain web map limits

Examples and How To

Display a Web Map

This example shows how to display and interact with web map data in a browser.

Navigate a Web Map

Discover options for interacting with a web map in a browser.

Add Overlay Layers to Web Maps

This example shows how to add overlay layers to a web map.

Remove Overlay Layers on a Web Map

This example shows how to remove an overlay layer on a web map.

View Multiple Web Maps in a Browser

This example shows how to display multiple maps side-by-side in the web map browser.

Close a Web Map

Learn ways to close a web map.


Introduction to Web Map Display

Web Maps are interactive maps that are accessed through web pages.

Basic Workflow for Displaying Web Maps

This example shows one approach to interacting with web map displays.

Troubleshoot Common Problems with Web Maps

Investigate causes of common problems with web maps.

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