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Zones, Lunes, Quadrangles, and Other Areas

Find areas bounded by meridians and parallels or by intersections of polygons


areaintSurface area of polygon on sphere or ellipsoid
areamatSurface area covered by nonzero values in binary data grid
areaquadSurface area of latitude-longitude quadrangle
bufgeoquadExpand limits of geographic quadrangle
geoquadlineGeographic quadrangle bounding multi-part line
geoquadptGeographic quadrangle bounding scattered points
ingeoquadTrue for points inside or on lat-lon quadrangle
intersectgeoquadIntersection of two latitude-longitude quadrangles
outlinegeoquadPolygon outlining geographic quadrangle


Measure Area of Spherical Quadrangles

A quadrangle is a region bounded by parallels north and south, and meridians east and west.

Calculate Geographic Area for Vector Data in Polygon Format

This example shows how to calculate geographic areas for vector data in polygon format using the areaint function.

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