mexWarnMsgIdAndTxt (C and Fortran)

Warning message with identifier

C Syntax

#include "mex.h"
void mexWarnMsgIdAndTxt(const char *warningid,
  const char *warningmsg, ...);

Fortran Syntax

#include "fintrf.h"
subroutine mexWarnMsgIdAndTxt(warningid, warningmsg)
character*(*) warningid, warningmsg



String containing a MATLAB® message identifier. For information on creating identifiers, see Message Identifiers.


String to display. In C, the string can include conversion specifications, used by the ANSI® C printf function.


In C, any arguments used in the message. Each argument must have a corresponding conversion specification.


The mexWarnMsgIdAndTxt function writes a warning message to the MATLAB window. For more information, see the warning function syntax statement using a message identifier.

Unlike mexErrMsgIdAndTxt, calling mexWarnMsgIdAndTxt does not terminate the MEX-file.

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