mxArray (C)

Type for MATLAB array


The fundamental type underlying MATLAB® data. For information on how the MATLAB array works with MATLAB-supported variables, see MATLAB Data.

mxArray is a C language opaque type.

All C MEX-files start with a gateway routine, called mexFunction, which requires mxArray for both input and output parameters. For information about the C MEX-file gateway routine, see Components of MEX-File.

Once you have MATLAB data in your MEX-file, use functions in the MX Matrix Library to manipulate the data, and functions in the MEX Library to perform operations in the MATLAB environment. You use mxArray to pass data to and from these functions.

Use any of the mxCreate* functions to create data, and the corresponding mxDestroyArray function to free memory.

The header file containing this type is:

#include "matrix.h"


See the following examples in matlabroot/extern/examples/mx.


  • For information about data in MATLAB language scripts and functions, see Data Types.

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