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Applications to Read MAT-File Data

Read and write MATLAB® data from C/C++ and Fortran programs

C and Fortran MAT-File Library Functions

matOpen (C and Fortran)Open MAT-file
matClose (C and Fortran)Close MAT-file
MATFile (C and Fortran)Type for MAT-file
matGetVariable (C and Fortran)Array from MAT-file
matGetVariableInfo (C and Fortran)Array header information only
matGetNextVariable (C and Fortran)Next array in MAT-file
matGetNextVariableInfo (C and Fortran)Array header information only
matPutVariable (C and Fortran)Array to MAT-file
matPutVariableAsGlobal (C and Fortran)Array to MAT-file as originating from global workspace
matDeleteVariable (C and Fortran)Delete array from MAT-file
matGetDir (C and Fortran)List of variables in MAT-file
matGetFp (C)File pointer to MAT-file
mxIsFromGlobalWS (C and Fortran)Determine whether array was copied from MATLAB global workspace

Examples and How To

Table of MAT-File Source Code Files

The matlabroot/extern/examples/eng_mat folder contains C/C++ and Fortran source code for examples demonstrating how to use the MAT-file routines.

Create MAT-File in C or C++

The matcreat.c example illustrates how to use the library routines to create a MAT-file that you can load into the MATLAB workspace.

Read MAT-File in C/C++

The matdgns.c example illustrates how to use the library routines to read and diagnose a MAT-file.

Create MAT-File in Fortran

The matdemo1.F example creates the MAT-file, matdemo.mat.

Read MAT-File in Fortran

The matdemo2.F example illustrates how to use the library routines to read the MAT-file created by matdemo1.F and describe its contents.

Work with mxArrays

The MAT-File Interface Library lets you access MATLAB arrays (type mxArray) in a MAT-file.

Copy External Data into MAT-File Format with Standalone Programs

This topic shows how to create a standalone program, matimport, to copy data from an external source into a MAT-file.


Custom Applications to Access MAT-Files

Methods of importing and exporting MATLAB data, and MAT-file routines that enable you to do this

What You Need to Build Custom Applications

To create a custom application, you need the tools and knowledge to modify and build source code.

MAT-File Library and Include Files

MATLAB provides include and library files to write programs to read and write MAT-files.

Build on Mac and Linux Operating Systems

At run time, you must tell the Mac and Linux® operating system where the API shared libraries reside by setting an environment variable.

Build on Windows Operating Systems

To compile and link MAT-file programs, use the mex script with the -client engine option.

Share MAT-File Applications

MATLAB requires shared library files for building any MAT-file application.

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