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ASCII and Binary Tables

Create and get information about ASCII and binary tables


createTbl Create new ASCII or binary table extension
insertCol Insert column into table
insertRows Insert rows into table
insertATbl Insert ASCII table after current HDU
insertBTbl Insert binary table after current HDU
deleteCol Delete column from table
deleteRows Delete rows from table
getAColParms ASCII table information
getBColParms Binary table information
getColName Table column name
getColType Scaled column data type, repeat value, width
getEqColType Column data type, repeat value, width
getNumCols Number of columns in table
getNumRows Number of rows in table
readATblHdr Read header information from current ASCII table
readBTblHdr Read header information from current binary table
readCol Read rows of ASCII or binary table column
setTscale Reset image scaling
writeCol Write elements into ASCII or binary table column
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