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Atomic Data Type Properties

Get information about atomic data type


H5T.get_cset Character set of string data type
H5T.get_ebias Exponent bias of floating-point type
H5T.get_fields Floating-point data type bit field information
H5T.get_inpad Internal padding type for floating-point data types
H5T.get_norm Mantissa normalization type
H5T.get_offset Bit offset of first significant bit
H5T.get_order Byte order of atomic data type
H5T.get_pad Padding type of least and most-significant bits
H5T.get_precision Precision of atomic data type
H5T.get_sign Sign type for integer data type
H5T.get_strpad Storage mechanism for string data type
H5T.set_cset Set character dataset for string data type
H5T.set_ebias Set exponent bias of floating-point data type
H5T.set_fields Set sizes and locations of floating-point bit fields
H5T.set_inpad Specify how unused internal bits are to be filled
H5T.set_norm Set mantissa normalization of floating-point data type
H5T.set_offset Set bit offset of first significant bit
H5T.set_order Set byte ordering of atomic data type
H5T.set_pad Set padding type for least and most significant bits
H5T.set_precision Set precision of atomic data type
H5T.set_sign Set sign property for integer data type
H5T.set_size Set size of data type in bytes
H5T.set_strpad Set storage mechanism for string data type
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