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Basic Settings

Desktop appearance, fonts, colors, keyboard shortcuts

Personalize the MATLAB® desktop by optimizing the layout, defining custom keyboard shortcuts, and setting color, font, and other desktop preferences.


prefdirFolder containing preferences, history, and layout files
preferencesOpen Preferences dialog box


Change Fonts

Change the font for desktop tools using the Fonts Preferences dialog box.

Change Color Settings

Adjust color settings for MATLAB desktop tools

Access Frequently Used Features

Specify the controls to appear on the desktop and editor toolbars, as well as the location of the controls.

Define Keyboard Shortcuts

Use the keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to a mouse or other pointing device to access desktop features.

Optimize Desktop Layout for Limited Screen Space

Learn how to open desktop tools and about the various ways to arrange them.

Set Print Options

Set options for printing from desktop tools


Specify options for tools such as fonts, colors, and more.

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