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MATLAB COM Automation Server

Call MATLAB® from COM components and applications

Automation is a COM protocol that allows one application (the controller or client) to control objects exported by another application (the server). MATLAB supports COM Automation server capabilities on Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. Any Windows program that can be configured as an Automation controller can control MATLAB. Some examples are Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access™, and many Microsoft Visual Basic® and Microsoft Visual C++® programs.

If you build client application using C/C++, or Fortran, use MATLAB Engine API for C, C++, and Fortran instead of an Automation server.


Execute Execute MATLAB command in Automation server
Feval Evaluate MATLAB function in Automation server
GetCharArray Character array from Automation server
PutCharArray Store character array in Automation server
GetFullMatrix Matrix from Automation server workspace
PutFullMatrix Matrix in Automation server workspace
GetVariable Data from variable in Automation server workspace
GetWorkspaceData Data from Automation server workspace
PutWorkspaceData Data in Automation server workspace
MaximizeCommandWindow Open Automation server window
MinimizeCommandWindow Minimize size of Automation server window
Quit Terminate MATLAB Automation server
regmatlabserver Register current MATLAB as Automation server
enableservice Enable, disable, or report status of MATLAB Automation server

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