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MATLAB Engine API for C, C++, and Fortran

Call MATLAB® from C/C++ and Fortran programs

Engine applications are standalone C/C++ or Fortran programs that allow you to call MATLAB from your own programs, using MATLAB as a computation engine. Engine applications require an installed version of MATLAB; you cannot run the MATLAB engine on a machine that only has the MATLAB Runtime.

C and Fortran Engine Library Functions

engOpen (C and Fortran) Start MATLAB engine session
engOpenSingleUse (C) Start MATLAB engine session for single, nonshared use
engClose (C and Fortran) Quit MATLAB engine session
Engine (C) Type for MATLAB engine
engEvalString (C and Fortran) Evaluate expression in string
engGetVariable (C and Fortran) Copy variable from MATLAB engine workspace
engPutVariable (C and Fortran) Put variable into MATLAB engine workspace
engGetVisible (C) Determine visibility of MATLAB engine session
engSetVisible (C) Show or hide MATLAB engine session
engOutputBuffer (C and Fortran) Specify buffer for MATLAB output


mex Build MEX function from C/C++ or Fortran source code
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