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Categorical Arrays

Arrays of qualitative data with values from a finite set of discrete, nonnumeric data

categorical is a data type to store data with values from a finite set of discrete categories. These categories can have a natural order, but it is not required. A categorical array provides efficient storage and convenient manipulation of nonnumeric data, while also maintaining meaningful names for the values. You can use categorical arrays in a table to select groups of rows. For more information see Create Categorical Arrays or watch Tables and Categorical Arrays.


categorical Create categorical array
iscategorical Determine whether input is categorical array
categories Categories of categorical array
iscategory Test for categorical array categories
isordinal Determine whether input is ordinal categorical array
isprotected Determine whether categories of categorical array are protected
addcats Add categories to categorical array
mergecats Merge categories in categorical array
removecats Remove categories from categorical array
renamecats Rename categories in categorical array
reordercats Reorder categories in categorical array
setcats Set categories in categorical array
summary Print summary of table or categorical array
countcats Count occurrences of categorical array elements by category
isundefined Find undefined elements in categorical array
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