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Cell Arrays

Arrays that can contain data of varying types and sizes

A cell array is a data type with indexed data containers called cells, where each cell can contain any type of data. Cell arrays commonly contain either lists of text strings, combinations of text and numbers, or numeric arrays of different sizes. Refer to sets of cells by enclosing indices in smooth parentheses, (). Access the contents of cells by indexing with curly braces, {}. For more information, see Access Data in a Cell Array.


cell Create cell array
cell2mat Convert cell array to ordinary array of the underlying data type
cell2struct Convert cell array to structure array
cell2table Convert cell array to table
celldisp Display cell array contents
cellfun Apply function to each cell in cell array
cellplot Graphically display structure of cell array
cellstr Convert to cell array of character vectors
iscell Determine whether input is cell array
iscellstr Determine whether input is cell array of character vectors
mat2cell Convert array to cell array with potentially different sized cells
num2cell Convert array to cell array with consistently sized cells
strjoin Join strings in cell array into single string
strsplit Split string at specified delimiter
struct2cell Convert structure to cell array
table2cell Convert table to cell array
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