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Create or Delete Array

Create array of specified type, allocate and free memory

Fortran Functions

mxCreateDoubleMatrix2-D, double-precision, floating-point array
mxCreateDoubleScalarScalar, double-precision array initialized to specified value
mxCreateNumericMatrix2-D numeric matrix
mxCreateNumericArrayN-D numeric array
mxCreateString1-N array initialized to specified string
mxCreateCharMatrixFromStrings2-D mxChar array initialized to specified value
mxCreateCharArrayN-D mxChar array
mxCreateSparse2-D sparse array
mxCreateStructMatrix2-D structure array
mxCreateStructArrayN-D structure array
mxCreateCellMatrix2-D cell array
mxCreateCellArrayN-D cell array
mxDestroyArrayFree dynamic memory allocated by MXCREATE* functions
mxDuplicateArrayMake deep copy of array
mxCallocAllocate dynamic memory for array, initialized to 0, using MATLAB memory manager
mxMallocAllocate uninitialized dynamic memory using MATLAB memory manager
mxReallocReallocate dynamic memory using MATLAB memory manager
mxFreeFree dynamic memory allocated by mxCalloc, mxMalloc, mxRealloc, mxArrayToString, or mxArrayToUTF8String functions
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