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Create System Objects

Write a MATLAB® class that creates and defines a new System object™

You can define your own System object by customizing the implementation methods. Use graphical tools to explore the comprehensive API for creating System objects. For example, you can insert methods to initialize, run, reset, and terminate System objects. For an introduction to defining a System object, see Define Basic System Objects.


setupImpl Initialize System object
stepImpl System output and state update equations
resetImpl Reset System object states
releaseImpl Release resources
infoImpl Information about System object
isDoneImpl End-of-data flag
isInactivePropertyImpl Inactive property status
processTunedPropertiesImpl Action when tunable properties change
setProperties Set property values using name-value pairs
validatePropertiesImpl Validate property values
getNumInputsImpl Number of inputs to the System object
getNumOutputsImpl Number of outputs from System object
isInputSizeLockedImpl Locked input size status
validateInputsImpl Validate inputs to System object
loadObjectImpl Load System object from MAT file
saveObjectImpl Save System object in MAT file


matlab.System Base class for System objects
matlab.system.StringSet Set of valid character vector values
matlab.system.mixin.FiniteSource Finite source mixin class


Input and Output

Change Number of Inputs or Outputs

Create a System object with two inputs and two outputs.

Define Composite System Objects

Define System objects that include other System objects as properties.

Specify Locked Input Size

Specify a System object input whose size is locked.

Use Update and Output for Nondirect Feedthrough

Implement the updateImpl, outputImpl and isInputDirectFeedthroughImpl methods.

Performance and Efficiency

Best Practices for Defining System Objects

Write more efficient and optimized System objects.

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