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App Designer Preferences

You can set App Designer preferences in the MATLAB® Preferences dialog box. To open the dialog box, click Preferences in the MATLAB Toolstrip. Then, select App Designer in the left pane.

This table describes each option in the right pane.

Display the Welcome to App Designer dialog box on startupWhen selected, a dialog box displays every time you start App Designer. The dialog box contains links to introductory information and a brief tutorial.
Prompt when opening apps saved in previous versions of MATLABWhen selected, App Designer displays an alert for apps created in pervious versions of MATLAB. If you open an app that was saved in a previous version, the alert warns you that overwriting older work might change the behavior of the app in the older version. The message suggests that you preserve the original app by saving a copy after it opens.
Show grid with intervalWhen selected, App Designer overlays a grid onto the canvas as an alignment aide. You can change the grid spacing to a specific number of pixels. The default spacing is 10.
Snap to gridWhen selected, the upper left corner of a component always snaps to the intersection of two grid lines whenever you resize or move the component on the canvas.
Show alignment hintsWhen selected, App Designer displays alignment hints as you resize or move a component on the canvas.
Show resizing hintsWhen selected, App Designer displays the size of a component as you resize it on the canvas.
Enable app coding alertsWhen selected, App Designer flags coding problems in the editor as you write code.
Include component labels in Component BrowserWhen selected, labels included with components (such as edit fields) appear as separate items in the Component Browser. When this item is not selected, those labels do not appear in the Component Browser.
Number of entries (most recently used file list)This number specifies how many of the most recently accessed apps appear under the Recent Files section of the Open menu in the Designer tab.

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