GUIDE Tools Summary

The GUIDE tools are available from the Layout Editor shown in the figure below. The tools are called out in the figure and described briefly below. Subsequent sections show you how to use them.

Use This Tool...


Layout Editor

Select components from the component palette, at the left side of the Layout Editor, and arrange them in the layout area. See Add Components to the GUIDE Layout Area for more information.

Figure Resize Tab

Set the size at which the GUI is initially displayed when you run it. See Set the GUIDE GUI Size for more information.

Menu Editor

Create menus and context, i.e., pop-up, menus. See Create Menus for GUIDE GUIs for more information.

Align Objects

Align and distribute groups of components. Grids and rulers also enable you to align components on a grid with an optional snap-to-grid capability. See Align GUIDE GUI Components for more information.

Tab Order Editor

Set the tab and stacking order of the components in your layout. See Customize Tabbing Behavior in a GUIDE GUI for more information.

Toolbar Editor

Create Toolbars containing predefined and custom push buttons and toggle buttons. See Create Toolbars for GUIDE GUIs for more information.

Icon Editor

Create and modify icons for tools in a toolbar. See Create Toolbars for GUIDE GUIs for more information.

Property Inspector

Set the properties of the components in your layout. It provides a list of all the properties you can set and displays their current values.

Object Browser

Display a hierarchical list of the objects in the GUI. See View the GUIDE GUI Object Hierarchy for more information.


Save and run the current GUI.


Display, in your default editor, the code file associated with the GUI. See Files Generated by GUIDE for more information.

Position Readouts

Continuously display the mouse cursor position and the positions of selected objects

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