Install Apps in a Shared Network Location

If you are responsible for administering MATLAB® software for your business group, you might consider installing apps in a shared network location. This can be useful, for instance, if a member of your technical staff creates GUIs and packages them as apps that several staff members use. You control installation, upgrades, and deinstallation to ensure every staff member uses the same version of each app.

  1. Install each app within the same write-protected, shared network folder.

  2. Direct staff members to change their apps preferences to specify the network folder as the apps installation folder.

    For details, see Change Apps Installation Folder.

As needed, reinstall an app to upgrade it to a new version or revert it to an earlier version. When an app is no longer used, you can uninstall it. For details see, Install or Reinstall App and Uninstall App.

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