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Create Subplots Using Plot Tools

This example shows how to create a figure with multiple graphs interactively and add different types of plots to each graph using the plot tools.

Create Simple Line Plot and Open Plot Tools

Define variables x and y in the Command Window and create a line plot using the plot function. Open the plot tools using the plottools command or by clicking the Show Plot Tools icon in the figure window.

x = linspace(1,10,25);
y = sin(x);

MATLAB® creates a plot of y versus x and opens the plot tools.

Create Upper and Lower Subplots

Create upper and lower subplots using the Figure Palette panel in the plot tools. Choose a subplot layout for two horizontal graphs using the 2-D grid icon .

Add Data to Lower Subplot

Create a scatter plot of y versus x in the lower subplot using the Figure Palette.

  1. Click the lower subplot axes to make it the current axes.

  2. Select x and y in the Variables panel of the Figure Palette. Select multiple variables using Ctrl + click.

  3. Right-click one of the variables to display a context menu containing a list of possible plot types based on the variables selected.

  4. Select scatter(x,y) from the menu. (The Plot Catalog menu option lists additional plot types.)

MATLAB creates a scatter plot in the lower subplot and displays the commands used to create the plot in the Command Window.


    Note:   Adding a plot to an axes using the Variables panel overwrites existing plots in that axes.

Add New Plot Without Overwriting Existing Plot

Add a bar graph of cos(x) versus x to the upper subplot without erasing the existing line plot. Use the Add Data option in the Plot Browser.

  1. Open a dialog box by clicking the upper subplot, and then click the Add Data button at the bottom of the Plot Browser.

  2. Use the drop-down menu to select a bar graph as the plot type.

  3. Specify the variables to plot by setting the X Data Source and Y Data Source fields. Use the drop-down menu to specify X Data Source as the variable x. Since cos(x) is not defined as a variable, type this expression into the empty field next to Y Data Source.

  4. Click OK. MATLAB adds a bar graph to the upper subplot.

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