Dataset Access, Memory, and Transfer Properties

Determine dataset access and transfer properties, performance improvement


H5P.get_btree_ratios B-tree split ratios
H5P.get_chunk_cache Raw data chunk cache parameters
H5P.get_dxpl_multi Data access property lists for multiple files
H5P.get_edc_check Determine if error detection is enabled
H5P.get_hyper_vector_size Number of I/O vectors
H5P.set_btree_ratios Set B-tree split ratios for dataset transfer
H5P.set_chunk_cache Set raw data chunk cache parameters
H5P.set_dxpl_multi Set data transfer property list for multifile driver
H5P.set_edc_check Enable error detection for dataset transfer
H5P.set_hyper_vector_size Set number of I/O vectors for hyperslab I/O
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