Dataspace (H5S)

Dimensionality of dataset


H5S.copy Create copy of data space
H5S.create Create new data space
H5S.close Close data space
H5S.create_simple Create new simple data space
H5S.extent_copy Copy extent from source to destination data space
H5S.is_simple Determine if data space is simple
H5S.offset_simple Set offset of simple data space
H5S.select_all Select entire extent of data space
H5S.select_elements Specify coordinates to include in selection
H5S.select_hyperslab Select hyperslab region
H5S.select_none Reset selection region to include no elements
H5S.select_valid Determine validity of selection
H5S.set_extent_none Remove extent from data space
H5S.set_extent_simple Set size of data space
H5S.get_select_bounds Bounding box of data space selection
H5S.get_select_elem_npoints Number of element points in selection
H5S.get_select_elem_pointlist Element points in data space selection
H5S.get_select_hyper_blocklist List of hyperslab blocks
H5S.get_select_hyper_nblocks Number of hyperslab blocks
H5S.get_select_npoints Number of elements in data space selection
H5S.get_select_type Type of data space selection
H5S.get_simple_extent_dims Data space size and maximum size
H5S.get_simple_extent_ndims Data space rank
H5S.get_simple_extent_npoints Number of elements in data space
H5S.get_simple_extent_type Data space class
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