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Diagnose problems with programs

You can diagnose problems with your MATLAB® program either graphically or programmatically. Both approaches allow you to set breakpoints to pause the execution of your MATLAB program so you can examine values where you think a problem could be.

    Note:   Debugging using the graphical debugger is not supported in live scripts. For more information, see What Is a Live Script?.


dbclear Remove breakpoints
dbcont Resume execution
dbdown Reverse dbup workspace shift
dbquit Quit debug mode
dbstack Function call stack
dbstatus List all breakpoints
dbstep Execute next executable line from current breakpoint
dbstop Set breakpoints for debugging
dbtype Display file with line numbers
dbup Shift current workspace to workspace of caller in debug mode
checkcode Check MATLAB code files for possible problems
keyboard Input from keyboard
mlintrpt Run checkcode for file or folder
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