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Fourier Analysis and Filtering

Fourier transforms, convolution, digital filtering


abs Absolute value and complex magnitude
angle Phase angle
cplxpair Sort complex numbers into complex conjugate pairs
fft Fast Fourier transform
fft2 2-D fast Fourier transform
fftn N-D fast Fourier transform
fftshift Shift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
fftw Interface to FFTW library run-time algorithm tuning control
ifft Inverse fast Fourier transform
ifft2 2-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftn N-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftshift Inverse FFT shift
nextpow2 Exponent of next higher power of 2
unwrap Correct phase angles to produce smoother phase plots
conv Convolution and polynomial multiplication
conv2 2-D convolution
convn N-D convolution
deconv Deconvolution and polynomial division
detrend Remove linear trends
filter 1-D digital filter
filter2 2-D digital filter
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