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Alphabetical List By Category
abs Absolute value and complex magnitude
accumarray Construct array with accumulation
acos Inverse cosine in radians
acosd Inverse cosine in degrees
acosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine
acot Inverse cotangent in radians
acotd Inverse cotangent in degrees
acoth Inverse hyperbolic cotangent
acsc Inverse cosecant in radians
acscd Inverse cosecant in degrees
acsch Inverse hyperbolic cosecant
actxcontrol Create Microsoft ActiveX control in figure window
actxcontrollist List currently installed Microsoft ActiveX controls
actxcontrolselect Create Microsoft ActiveX control from UI
actxGetRunningServer Handle to running instance of Automation server
actxserver Create COM server
add Add single key-value pair to KeyValueStore
addcats Add categories to categorical array
addCause Record additional causes of exception
addedge Add new edge to graph
addevent Add event to timeseries object
addmulti Add multiple key-value pairs to KeyValueStore
addnode Add new node to graph
addOptional Add optional positional argument to input parser scheme
addParameter Add optional parameter name-value pair argument to input parser scheme
addParamValue (Not recommended) Add parameter name and value argument to Input Parser scheme
addpath Add folders to search path
addpoints Add points to animated line
addpref Add preference
addproperty Add custom property to COM object
addRequired Add required positional argument to input parser scheme
addsample Add data sample to timeseries object
addsampletocollection Add sample to tscollection object
addtodate Modify date number by field
addts Add timeseries object to tscollection object
adjacency Graph adjacency matrix
airy Airy Functions
align Align UI components and graphics objects
alim Set or query axes alpha limits
all Determine if all array elements are nonzero or true
allchild Find all children of specified objects
alpha Add transparency to objects in axes
alphamap Specify figure alphamap (transparency)
alphaShape Polygons and polyhedra from points in 2-D and 3-D
alphaShape Polygons and polyhedra from points in 2-D and 3-D
alphaSpectrum Alpha values giving distinct alpha shapes
alphaTriangulation Triangulation that fills alpha shape
amd Approximate minimum degree permutation
ancestor Ancestor of graphics object
and Find logical AND
angle Phase angle
AnimatedLine Line animations
animatedline Create animated line
annotation Create annotations
ans Most recent answer
any Determine if any array elements are nonzero
appdesigner Create or edit app file in App Designer
append Concatenate time series objects in time dimension
area Area of 2-D alpha shape
area Filled area 2-D plot
array2table Convert homogeneous array to table
array2timetable Convert array to timetable
arrayfun Apply function to each element of array
ascii Set FTP transfer type to ASCII
asec Inverse secant in radians
asecd Inverse secant in degrees
asech Inverse hyperbolic secant
asin Inverse sine in radians
asind Inverse sine in degrees
asinh Inverse hyperbolic sine
assert Throw error if condition false
assignin Assign value to variable in specified workspace
atan Inverse tangent in radians
atan2 Four-quadrant inverse tangent
atan2d Four-quadrant inverse tangent in degrees
atand Inverse tangent in degrees
atanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent
audiodevinfo Information about audio device
audioinfo Information about audio file
audioplayer Create object for playing audio
audioread Read audio file
audiorecorder Create object for recording audio
audiowrite Write audio file
autumn Autumn colormap array
aviinfo Information about Audio/Video Interleaved (AVI) file
axes Create Cartesian axes
axis Set axis limits and aspect ratios
balance Diagonal scaling to improve eigenvalue accuracy
bandwidth Lower and upper matrix bandwidth
bar Bar graph
bar3 Plot 3-D bar graph
bar3h Plot horizontal 3-D bar graph
barh Plot bar graph horizontally
barycentricToCartesian Converts point coordinates from barycentric to Cartesian
baryToCart (Not recommended) Convert point coordinates from barycentric to Cartesian
base2dec Convert text representing number in base N to decimal number
bctree Block-cut tree graph
beep Produce operating system beep sound
BeginInvoke Initiate asynchronous .NET delegate call
bench MATLAB benchmark
besselh Bessel function of third kind (Hankel function)
besseli Modified Bessel function of first kind
besselj Bessel function of first kind
besselk Modified Bessel function of second kind
bessely Bessel function of second kind
beta Beta function
betainc Incomplete beta function
betaincinv Beta inverse cumulative distribution function
betaln Logarithm of beta function
between Calendar math differences
bfsearch Breadth-first graph search
bicg Biconjugate gradients method
bicgstab Biconjugate gradients stabilized method
bicgstabl Biconjugate gradients stabilized (l) method
biconncomp Biconnected graph components
bin2dec Convert text representation of binary number to decimal number
binary Set FTP transfer type to binary
bitand Bit-wise AND
bitcmp Bit-wise complement
bitget Get bit at specified position
bitnot .NET enumeration object bit-wise NOT instance method
bitor Bit-wise OR
bitset Set bit at specific location
bitshift Shift bits specified number of places
bitxor Bit-wise XOR
blanks Create character array of blanks
blkdiag Construct block diagonal matrix from input arguments
bone Bone colormap array
boundary Boundary of a set of points in 2-D or 3-D
boundaryFacets Boundary facets of alpha shape
bounds Smallest and largest elements
box Display axes outline
break Terminate execution of for or while loop
brighten Brighten or darken colormap
brush Interactively mark, delete, modify, and save observations in graphs
bsxfun Apply element-wise operation to two arrays with implicit expansion enabled
builddocsearchdb Build searchable documentation database
builtin Execute built-in function from overloaded method
bvp4c Solve boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations
bvp5c Solve boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations
bvpget Extract properties from options structure created with bvpset
bvpinit Form initial guess for BVP solvers
bvpset Create or alter options structure of boundary value problem
bvpxtend Form guess structure for extending boundary value solutions
caldays Calendar duration in days
caldiff Calendar math successive differences
calendar Calendar for specified month
calendarDuration Create calendar duration array from numeric values
calllib Call function in shared library
callSoapService Send SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message to endpoint
calmonths Calendar duration in months
calquarters Calendar duration in quarters
calweeks Calendar duration in weeks
calyears Calendar duration in years
camdolly Move camera position and target
cameratoolbar Control camera toolbar programmatically
camlight Create or move light object in camera coordinates
camlookat Position camera to view object or group of objects
camorbit Rotate camera position around camera target
campan Rotate camera target around camera position
campos Set or query camera position
camproj Set or query projection type
camroll Rotate camera about view axis
camtarget Set or query location of camera target
camup Set or query camera up vector
camva Set or query camera view angle
camzoom Zoom in and out on scene
cart2pol Transform Cartesian coordinates to polar or cylindrical
cart2sph Transform Cartesian coordinates to spherical
cartesianToBarycentric Converts point coordinates from Cartesian to barycentric
cartToBary (Not recommended) Convert point coordinates from Cartesian to barycentric
cast Cast variable to different data type
cat Concatenate arrays along specified dimension
categorical Create categorical array
categories Categories of categorical array
caxis Color axis scaling
cd Change or view current folder on FTP server
cd Change current folder
cdf2rdf Convert complex diagonal form to real block diagonal form
cdfepoch Convert date text or serial date number to CDF formatted dates
cdfinfo Information about Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.close Close Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.closeVar Close specified variable from multifile format Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.computeEpoch Convert time value to CDF_EPOCH value
cdflib.computeEpoch16 Convert time value to CDF_EPOCH16 value
cdflib.create Create Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.createAttr Create attribute
cdflib.createVar Create new variable
cdflib.delete Delete existing Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.deleteAttr Delete attribute
cdflib.deleteAttrEntry Delete attribute entry
cdflib.deleteAttrgEntry Delete entry in global attribute
cdflib.deleteVar Delete variable
cdflib.deleteVarRecords Delete range of records from variable
cdflib.epoch16Breakdown Convert CDF_EPOCH16 value to time value
cdflib.epochBreakdown Convert CDF_EPOCH value into time value
cdflib.getAttrEntry Value of entry in attribute with variable scope
cdflib.getAttrgEntry Value of entry in global attribute
cdflib.getAttrMaxEntry Number of last entry for variable attribute
cdflib.getAttrMaxgEntry Number of last entry for global attribute
cdflib.getAttrName Name of attribute, given attribute number
cdflib.getAttrNum Attribute number, given attribute name
cdflib.getAttrScope Scope of attribute
cdflib.getCacheSize Number of cache buffers used
cdflib.getChecksum Checksum mode
cdflib.getCompression Compression settings
cdflib.getCompressionCacheSize Number of compression cache buffers
cdflib.getConstantNames Names of Common Data Format (CDF) library constants
cdflib.getConstantValue Numeric value corresponding to Common Data Format (CDF) library constant
cdflib.getCopyright Copyright notice in Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.getFileBackward Return current backward compatibility mode setting
cdflib.getFormat Format of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.getLibraryCopyright Copyright notice of Common Data Format (CDF) library
cdflib.getLibraryVersion Library version and release information
cdflib.getMajority Majority of variables
cdflib.getName Name of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.getNumAttrEntries Number of entries for attribute with variable scope
cdflib.getNumAttrgEntries Number of entries for attribute with global scope
cdflib.getNumAttributes Number of attributes with variable scope
cdflib.getNumgAttributes Number of attributes with global scope
cdflib.getReadOnlyMode Read-only mode
cdflib.getStageCacheSize Number of cache buffers for staging
cdflib.getValidate Library validation mode
cdflib.getVarAllocRecords Number of records allocated for variable
cdflib.getVarBlockingFactor Blocking factor for variable
cdflib.getVarCacheSize Number of multifile cache buffers
cdflib.getVarCompression Information about compression used by variable
cdflib.getVarData Single value from record in variable
cdflib.getVarMaxAllocRecNum Maximum allocated record number for variable
cdflib.getVarMaxWrittenRecNum Maximum written record number for variable
cdflib.getVarName Variable name, given variable number
cdflib.getVarNum Variable number, given variable name
cdflib.getVarNumRecsWritten Number of records written to variable
cdflib.getVarPadValue Pad value for variable
cdflib.getVarRecordData Entire record for variable
cdflib.getVarReservePercent Compression reserve percentage for variable
cdflib.getVarsMaxWrittenRecNum Maximum written record number for CDF file
cdflib.getVarSparseRecords Information about how variable handles sparse records
cdflib.getVersion Common Data Format (CDF) library version and release information
cdflib.hyperGetVarData Read hyperslab of data from variable
cdflib.hyperPutVarData Write hyperslab of data to variable
cdflib.inquire Basic characteristics of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.inquireAttr Information about attribute
cdflib.inquireAttrEntry Information about entry in attribute with variable scope
cdflib.inquireAttrgEntry Information about entry in attribute with global scope
cdflib.inquireVar Information about variable Open existing Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.putAttrEntry Write value to entry in attribute with variable scope
cdflib.putAttrgEntry Write value to entry in attribute with global scope
cdflib.putVarData Write single value to variable
cdflib.putVarRecordData Write entire record to variable
cdflib.renameAttr Rename existing attribute
cdflib.renameVar Rename existing variable
cdflib.setCacheSize Specify number of dotCDF cache buffers
cdflib.setChecksum Specify checksum mode
cdflib.setCompression Specify compression settings
cdflib.setCompressionCacheSize Specify number of compression cache buffers
cdflib.setFileBackward Set backward compatibility mode
cdflib.setFormat Specify format of Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.setMajority Specify majority of variables
cdflib.setReadOnlyMode Specify read-only mode
cdflib.setStageCacheSize Specify number of staging cache buffers for Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdflib.setValidate Specify library validation mode
cdflib.setVarAllocBlockRecords Specify range of records to be allocated for variable
cdflib.setVarBlockingFactor Specify blocking factor for variable
cdflib.setVarCacheSize Specify number of multi-file cache buffers for variable
cdflib.setVarCompression Specify compression settings used with variable
cdflib.setVarInitialRecs Specify initial number of records written to variable
cdflib.setVarPadValue Specify pad value used with variable
cdflib.SetVarReservePercent Specify reserve percentage for variable
cdflib.setVarsCacheSize Specify number of cache buffers used for all variables
cdflib.setVarSparseRecords Specify how variable handles sparse records
cdfread Read data from Common Data Format (CDF) file
cdfwrite Write data to Common Data Format (CDF) file
ceil Round toward positive infinity
cell Create cell array
cell2mat Convert cell array to ordinary array of the underlying data type
cell2struct Convert cell array to structure array
cell2table Convert cell array to table
celldisp Display cell array contents
cellfun Apply function to each cell in cell array
cellplot Graphically display structure of cell array
cellstr Convert to cell array of character vectors
centrality Measure node importance
cgs Conjugate gradients squared method
char Convert to character array
checkcode Check MATLAB code files for possible problems
checkin (To be removed) Check files into source control system (UNIX platforms)
checkout (To be removed) Check files out of source control system (UNIX platforms)
chol Cholesky factorization
cholupdate Rank 1 update to Cholesky factorization
circshift Shift array circularly
circumcenter Circumcenter of triangle or tetrahedron
circumcenters (Not recommended) Circumcenters of specified simplices
cla Clear axes
clabel Label contour plot elevation
class Determine class of object
classdef Class definition keywords
classUnderlying Class of underlying data in tall array
clc Clear Command Window
clear Remove items from workspace, freeing up system memory
clear (serial) Remove serial port object from MATLAB workspace
clearAllMemoizedCaches Clear caches for all MemoizedFunction objects
clearCache Clear cache for MemoizedFunction object
clearpoints Clear points from animated line
clearvars Clear variables from memory
clf Clear current figure window
clipboard Copy and paste text to and from system clipboard
clock Current date and time as date vector
clone Create duplicate System object
close Remove specified figure
close Close file after writing video data
close Close connection to FTP server
closeFile Close FITS file
closereq Default figure close request function
cmopts (To be removed) Name of source control system
cmpermute Rearrange colors in colormap
cmunique Eliminate duplicate colors in colormap; convert grayscale or truecolor image to indexed image
colamd Column approximate minimum degree permutation
colon Vector creation, array subscripting, and for-loop iteration
colorbar Colorbar showing color scale
colorcube Colorcube colormap array
colordef Set default property values to display different color schemes
colormap View and set current colormap
colormapeditor Open colormap editor
ColorSpec (Color Specification) Color specification
colperm Sparse column permutation based on nonzero count
com.mathworks.engine.MatlabEngine Java class using MATLAB as a computational engine
com.mathworks.matlab.types.CellStr Java class to represent MATLAB cell array of char vectors
com.mathworks.matlab.types.Complex Java class to pass complex data to and from MATLAB
com.mathworks.matlab.types.HandleObject Java class to represent MATLAB handle objects
com.mathworks.matlab.types.Struct Java class to pass MATLAB struct to and from MATLAB
Combine Convenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Combine method
comet 2-D comet plot
comet3 3-D comet plot
commandhistory Open Command History window, or select it if already open
commandwindow Open Command Window, or select it if already open
compan Companion matrix
compass Plot arrows emanating from origin
complex Create complex array
compose Convert data into formatted string array
computer Information about computer on which MATLAB software is running
cond Condition number with respect to inversion
condeig Condition number with respect to eigenvalues
condensation Graph condensation
condest 1-norm condition number estimate
coneplot Plot velocity vectors as cones in 3-D vector field
conj Complex conjugate
conncomp Connected graph components
containers.Map Map values to unique keys
contains Determine if pattern is in string
continue Pass control to next iteration of for or while loop
contour Contour plot of matrix
contour3 3-D contour plot
contourc Low-level contour plot computation
contourf Filled 2-D contour plot
contourslice Draw contours in volume slice planes
contrast Grayscale colormap for contrast enhancement
conv Convolution and polynomial multiplication
conv2 2-D convolution
convexHull Convex hull
convexHull (Not recommended) Convex hull
convhull Convex hull
convhulln N-D convex hull
convn N-D convolution
cool Cool colormap array
copper Copper colormap array
copyfile Copy file or folder
copyHDU Copy current HDU from one file to another
copyobj Copy graphics objects and their descendants
corrcoef Correlation coefficients
cos Cosine of argument in radians
cosd Cosine of argument in degrees
cosh Hyperbolic cosine
cot Cotangent of angle in radians
cotd Cotangent of argument in degrees
coth Hyperbolic cotangent
count Count occurrences of pattern in string
countcats Count occurrences of categorical array elements by category
countEachLabel Count files in ImageDatastore labels
cov Covariance
cplxpair Sort complex numbers into complex conjugate pairs
cputime Elapsed CPU time
createClassFromWsdl Create MATLAB class based on WSDL document
createFile Create FITS file
createImg Create FITS image
createSoapMessage Create SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) message to send to server
createTbl Create new ASCII or binary table extension
criticalAlpha Alpha radius defining a critical transition in the shape
cross Cross product
csc Cosecant of input angle in radians
cscd Cosecant of argument in degrees
csch Hyperbolic cosecant
csvread Read comma-separated value (CSV) file
csvwrite Write comma-separated value file
ctranspose Complex conjugate transpose
cummax Cumulative maximum
cummin Cumulative minimum
cumprod Cumulative product
cumsum Cumulative sum
cumtrapz Cumulative trapezoidal numerical integration
curl Compute curl and angular velocity of vector field
customverctrl (To be removed) Allow custom source control system (UNIX platforms)
cylinder Generate cylinder
daqread Read Data Acquisition Toolbox (.daq) file
daspect Control data unit length along each axis
datacursormode Enable, disable, and manage interactive data cursor mode
datastore Create datastore for large collections of data
datatipinfo Produce short description of input variable
date Current date string
datenum Convert date and time to serial date number
dateshift Shift date or generate sequence of dates and time
datestr Convert date and time to string format
datetick Date formatted tick labels
datetime Create array based on current date, or convert from date strings or numbers
datevec Convert date and time to vector of components
day Day number or name
days Duration in days
dbclear Remove breakpoints
dbcont Resume execution
dbdown Reverse dbup workspace shift
dblquad Numerically evaluate double integral over rectangle
dbmex Enable MEX-file debugging (on UNIX platforms)
dbquit Quit debug mode
dbstack Function call stack
dbstatus List all breakpoints
dbstep Execute next executable line from current breakpoint
dbstop Set breakpoints for debugging
dbtype Display file with line numbers
dbup Shift current workspace to workspace of caller in debug mode
dde23 Solve delay differential equations (DDEs) with constant delays
ddeget Extract properties from delay differential equations options structure
ddensd Solve delay differential equations (DDEs) of neutral type
ddesd Solve delay differential equations (DDEs) with general delays
ddeset Create or alter delay differential equations options structure
deal Distribute inputs to outputs
deblank Remove trailing whitespace from end of string or character array
dec2base Convert decimal number to character vector representing base N number
dec2bin Convert decimal number to character vector representing binary number
dec2hex Convert decimal number to character vector representing hexadecimal number
decic Compute consistent initial conditions for ode15i
deconv Deconvolution and polynomial division
deg2rad Convert angle from degrees to radians
degree Degree of graph nodes
del2 Discrete Laplacian
delaunay Delaunay triangulation
delaunayn N-D Delaunay triangulation
DelaunayTri (Not recommended) Delaunay triangulation in 2-D and 3-D
DelaunayTri (Not recommended) Delaunay triangulation in 2-D and 3-D
delaunayTriangulation Delaunay triangulation in 2-D and 3-D
delete Delete files or objects
delete Remove file on FTP server
delete Remove COM control or server
delete (serial) Remove serial port object from memory
deleteCol Delete column from table
deleteFile Delete FITS file
deleteHDU Delete current HDU in FITS file
deleteKey Delete key by name
deleteproperty Remove custom property from COM object
deleteRecord Delete key by record number
deleteRows Delete rows from table
delevent Remove tsdata.event objects from timeseries object
DelimitedTextImportOptions Import options object for delimited text
delsample Remove sample from timeseries object
delsamplefromcollection Remove sample from tscollection object
demo Access product examples in Help browser
det Matrix determinant
details Display array details
detectImportOptions Create import options based on file content
detrend Subtract mean or best-fit line and all NaNs from timeseries object
detrend Remove linear trends
deval Evaluate differential equation solution structure
dfsearch Depth-first graph search
diag Create diagonal matrix or get diagonal elements of matrix
dialog Create empty modal dialog box
diary Save Command Window text to file
diff Differences and Approximate Derivatives
diffuse Calculate diffuse reflectance
digraph Create directed graph
digraph Graph with directed edges
dir View contents of folder on FTP server
dir List folder contents
discretize Group data into bins or categories
disp Display value of variable
disp (serial) Serial port object summary information
display Used internally for command-window display
distances Shortest path distances of all node pairs
dither Convert image, increasing apparent color resolution by dithering
divergence Compute divergence of vector field
dlmread Read ASCII-delimited file of numeric data into matrix
dlmwrite Write matrix to ASCII-delimited file
dmperm Dulmage-Mendelsohn decomposition
doc Reference page in Help browser
docsearch Help browser search
dos Execute DOS command and return output
dot Dot product
double Convert to double precision
dragrect Drag rectangles with mouse
drawnow Update figures and process callbacks
dsearchn N-D nearest point search
duration Create duration array from numeric values
dynamicprops Superclass for classes that support dynamic properties
echo Display statements during function execution
echodemo Run example script step-by-step in Command Window
edgeAttachments Triangles or tetrahedra attached to specified edge
edgeAttachments (Not recommended) Simplices attached to specified edges
edges Triangulation edges
edges (Not recommended) Triangulation edges
edit Edit or create file
eig Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
eigs Subset of eigenvalues and eigenvectors
ellipj Jacobi elliptic functions
ellipke Complete elliptic integrals of first and second kind
ellipsoid Generate ellipsoid
empty Create empty array
enableNETfromNetworkDrive Enable access to .NET commands from network drive
enableservice Enable, disable, or report status of MATLAB Automation server
end Terminate block of code, or indicate last array index
EndInvoke Retrieve result of asynchronous call initiated by .NET System.Delegate BeginInvoke method
endsWith Determine if string ends with pattern
enumeration Display class enumeration members and names
eomday Last day of month
eps Floating-point relative accuracy
eq Determine equality
erase Delete substrings within strings
eraseBetween Delete substrings between indicators that mark starts and ends of substrings
erf Error function
erfc Complementary error function
erfcinv Inverse complementary error function
erfcx Scaled complementary error function
erfinv Inverse error function
error Throw error and display message
errorbar Line plot with error bars
errordlg Create error dialog box
etime Time elapsed between date vectors
etree Elimination tree
etreeplot Plot elimination tree
eval Execute MATLAB expression in text
evalc Evaluate MATLAB expression with capture
evalin Execute MATLAB expression in specified workspace
event.DynamicPropertyEvent Event data for dynamic property events
event.EventData Base class for event data
event.hasListener Determine if listeners exist for event
event.listener Class defining listener objects
event.PropertyEvent Data for property events
event.proplistener Define listener object for property events
eventlisteners List event handler functions associated with COM object events
events Event names
events List of events COM object can trigger
exceltime Convert MATLAB datetime to Excel date number
Execute Execute MATLAB command in Automation server
exist Check existence of variable, script, function, folder, or class
exit Terminate MATLAB program (same as quit)
exp Exponential
expint Exponential integral
expm Matrix exponential
expm1 Compute exp(x)-1 accurately for small values of x
export2wsdlg Create dialog box for exporting variables to workspace
exportsetupdlg Open figure Export Setup dialog box
extractAfter Extract substring after specified position
extractBefore Extract substring before specified position
extractBetween Extract substrings between indicators that mark starts and ends of substrings
eye Identity matrix
ezcontour (Not recommended) Easy-to-use contour plotter
ezcontourf (Not recommended) Easy-to-use filled contour plotter
ezmesh (Not recommended) Easy-to-use 3-D mesh plotter
ezmeshc (Not recommended) Easy-to-use combination mesh/contour plotter
ezplot (Not recommended) Easy-to-use function plotter
ezplot3 (Not recommended) Easy-to-use 3-D parametric curve plotter
ezpolar Easy-to-use polar coordinate plotter
ezsurf (Not recommended) Easy-to-use 3-D colored surface plotter
ezsurfc (Not recommended) Easy-to-use combination surface/contour plotter
faceNormal Triangulation face normal
faceNormals (Not recommended) Unit normals to specified triangles
factor Prime factors
factorial Factorial of input
false Logical 0 (false)
fclose Close one or all open files
fclose (serial) Disconnect serial port object from device
fcontour Plot contours
feather Plot velocity vectors
featureEdges Triangulation sharp edges
featureEdges (Not recommended) Sharp edges of surface triangulation
feof Test for end-of-file
ferror Information about file I/O errors
Feval Evaluate MATLAB function in Automation server
feval Evaluate function
fewerbins Decrease number of histogram bins
fft Fast Fourier transform
fft2 2-D fast Fourier transform
fftn N-D fast Fourier transform
fftshift Shift zero-frequency component to center of spectrum
fftw Define method for determining FFT algorithm
fgetl Read line from file, removing newline characters
fgetl (serial) Read line of ASCII text from device and discard terminator
fgets Read line from file, keeping newline characters
fgets (serial) Read line of text from device and include terminator
fieldnames Field names of structure, or public fields of COM or Java object
figure Create figure window
figurepalette Show or hide Figure Palette
fileattrib Set or get attributes of file or folder
filebrowser Open Current Folder browser, or select it if already open
FileDatastore Datastore for custom format files
fileDatastore Create FileDatastore object for collections of custom files
filemarker Character to separate file name and internal function name
fileMode I/O mode of FITS file
fileName Name of FITS file
fileparts Parts of file name and path
fileread Read contents of file as text
filesep File separator for current platform
fill Filled 2-D polygons
fill3 Filled 3-D polygons
fillmissing Fill missing values
filloutliers Detect and replace outliers in data
filter Shape frequency content of time-series
filter 1-D digital filter
filter2 2-D digital filter
fimplicit Plot implicit function
fimplicit3 Plot 3-D implicit function
find Find indices and values of nonzero elements
findall Find all graphics objects
findedge Locate edge in graph
findfigs Find visible offscreen figures
findgroups Find groups and return group numbers
findnode Locate node in graph
findobj Locate graphics objects with specific properties
findstr Find string within another, longer string
finish Termination file for MATLAB program
fitsdisp Display FITS metadata
fitsinfo Information about FITS file
fitsread Read data from FITS file
fitswrite Write image to FITS file
fix Round toward zero
FixedWidthImportOptions Import options object for fixed-width text files
flag Flag colormap array
flintmax Largest consecutive integer in floating-point format
flip Flip order of elements
flipdim (Not recommended) Flip array along specified dimension
flipedge Reverse edge directions
fliplr Flip array left to right
flipud Flip array up to down
floor Round toward negative infinity
flow Simple function of three variables
fmesh Plot 3-D mesh
fminbnd Find minimum of single-variable function on fixed interval
fminsearch Find minimum of unconstrained multivariable function using derivative-free method
fopen Open file, or obtain information about open files
fopen (serial) Connect serial port object to device
for for loop to repeat specified number of times
format Set Command Window output display format
fplot Plot expression or function
fplot3 3-D parametric curve plotter
fprintf Write data to text file
fprintf (serial) Write text to device
frame2im Return image data associated with movie frame
fread Read data from binary file
fread (serial) Read binary data from device
freeBoundary Triangulation facets referenced by only one triangle or tetrahedron
freeBoundary (Not recommended) Facets referenced by only one simplex
freqspace Frequency spacing for frequency response
frewind Move file position indicator to beginning of open file
fscanf Read data from text file
fscanf (serial) Read ASCII data from device, and format as text
fseek Move to specified position in file
fsurf Plot 3-D surface
ftell Position in open file
ftp Connect to FTP server
full Convert sparse matrix to full matrix
fullfile Build full file name from parts
func2str Construct character vector from function handle
function Declare function name, inputs, and outputs
functions Information about function handle
FunctionTestCase TestCase used for function-based tests
functiontests Create array of tests from handles to local functions
funm Evaluate general matrix function
fwrite Write data to binary file
fwrite (serial) Write binary data to device
fzero Root of nonlinear function
gallery Test matrices
gamma Gamma function
gammainc Incomplete gamma function
gammaincinv Inverse incomplete gamma function
gammaln Logarithm of gamma function
gather Collect tall array into memory after executing queued operations
gca Current axes or chart
gcbf Handle of figure containing object whose callback is executing
gcbo Handle of object whose callback is executing
gcd Greatest common divisor
gcf Current figure handle
gcmr Get current mapreducer configuration
gco Handle of current object
ge Determine greater than or equal to
genpath Generate path name
genvarname Construct valid variable name from string
get Query timeseries object property values
get Query graphics object properties
get Query property values for audioplayer object
get Query property values for audiorecorder object
get Get property value from interface, or display properties
get (RandStream) Random stream properties
get (serial) Serial port object properties
get (tscollection) Query tscollection object property values
getabstime Extract date-string time vector into cell array
getabstime (tscollection) Extract date-string time vector into cell array
getAColParms ASCII table information
getappdata Retrieve application-defined data
getaudiodata Store recorded audio signal in numeric array
getBColParms Binary table information
GetCharArray Character array from Automation server
getColName Table column name
getColType Scaled column data type, repeat value, width
getConstantValue Numeric value of named constant
getdatasamples Returns subset of time series samples using subscripted index array
getdatasamplesize Size of data sample in timeseries object
getenv Environment variable
getEqColType Column data type, repeat value, width
getfield Field of structure array
getFileFormats File formats that VideoReader supports
getframe Capture axes or figure as movie frame
GetFullMatrix Matrix from Automation server workspace
getHdrSpace Number of keywords in header
getHDUnum Number of current HDU in FITS file
getHDUtype Type of current HDU
getImgSize Size of image
getImgType Data type of image
getinterpmethod Interpolation method for timeseries object
getnext Get next value from ValueIterator
getNumCols Number of columns in table
getNumHDUs Total number of HDUs in FITS file
getNumInputs Number of inputs required to call the System object
getNumOutputs Number of outputs of from calling the System object
getNumRows Number of rows in table
getOpenFiles List of open FITS files
getpixelposition Get component position in pixels
getpoints Return points that define animated line
getpref Preference
getProfiles Profiles and file formats that VideoWriter supports
getqualitydesc Data quality descriptions
getReport Get error message for exception
getsamples Subset of time series samples using subscripted index array
getsampleusingtime Extract data samples into new timeseries object
getsampleusingtime (tscollection) Extract data samples into new tscollection object
gettimeseriesnames Cell array of names of timeseries objects in tscollection object
gettsafteratevent New timeseries object with samples occurring at or after event
gettsafterevent New timeseries object with samples occurring after event
gettsatevent New timeseries object with samples occurring at event
gettsbeforeatevent New timeseries object with samples occurring before or at event
gettsbeforeevent New timeseries object with samples occurring before event
gettsbetweenevents New timeseries object with samples occurring between events
GetVariable Data from variable in Automation server workspace
getvaropts Get variable import options
getVersion Revision number of the CFITSIO library
GetWorkspaceData Data from Automation server workspace
ginput Graphical input from mouse or cursor
global Declare variables as global
gmres Generalized minimum residual method (with restarts)
gobjects Initialize array for graphics objects
gplot Plot nodes and links representing adjacency matrix
grabcode Extract MATLAB code from file published to HTML
gradient Numerical gradient
graph Create undirected graph
graph Graph with undirected edges
GraphPlot Graph plot for directed and undirected graphs
gray Gray colormap array
graymon Set default figure properties for grayscale monitors
grid Display or hide axes grid lines
griddata Interpolate 2-D or 3-D scattered data
griddatan Interpolate N-D scattered data
griddedInterpolant Gridded data interpolation
groot Graphics root object
gsvd Generalized singular value decomposition
gt Determine greater than
gtext Add text to figure using mouse
guidata Store or retrieve UI data
guide Open GUIDE
guihandles Create structure containing all child objects of Figure
gunzip Uncompress GNU zip files
gzip Compress files into GNU zip files
H5.close Close HDF5 library
H5.garbage_collect Free unused memory in HDF5 library
H5.get_libversion Version of HDF5 library Open HDF5 library
H5.set_free_list_limits Set size limits on free lists
H5A.close Close specified attribute
H5A.create Create attribute
H5A.delete Delete attribute
H5A.get_info Information about attribute
H5A.get_name Attribute name
H5A.get_space Copy of attribute data space
H5A.get_type Copy of attribute data type
H5A.iterate Execute function for attributes attached to object Open attribute
H5A.open_by_idx Open attribute specified by index
H5A.open_by_name Open attribute specified by name Read attribute
H5A.write Write attribute
h5create Create HDF5 data set
H5D.close Close dataset
H5D.create Create new dataset
H5D.get_access_plist Copy of dataset access property list
H5D.get_create_plist Copy of dataset creation property list
H5D.get_offset Location of dataset in file
H5D.get_space Copy of dataset data space
H5D.get_space_status Determine if space is allocated
H5D.get_storage_size Determine required storage size
H5D.get_type Copy of datatype Open specified dataset Read data from HDF5 dataset
H5D.set_extent Change size of dataset dimensions
H5D.vlen_get_buf_size Determine variable length storage requirements
H5D.write Write data to HDF5 dataset
h5disp Display contents of HDF5 file
H5DS.attach_scale Attach dimension scale to specific dataset dimension
H5DS.detach_scale Detach dimension scale from specific dataset dimension
H5DS.get_label Retrieve label from specific dataset dimension
H5DS.get_num_scales Number of scales attached to dataset dimension
H5DS.get_scale_name Name of dimension scale
H5DS.is_scale Determine if dataset is a dimension scale
H5DS.iterate_scales Iterate on scales attached to dataset dimension
H5DS.set_label Set label for dataset dimension
H5DS.set_scale Convert dataset to dimension scale
H5E.clear Clear error stack
H5E.get_major Description of major error number
H5E.get_minor Description of minor error number
H5E.walk Walk error stack
H5F.close Close HDF5 file
H5F.create Create HDF5 file
H5F.flush Flush buffers to disk
H5F.get_access_plist File access property list
H5F.get_create_plist File creation property list
H5F.get_filesize Size of HDF5 file
H5F.get_freespace Amount of free space in file
H5F.get_info Global information about file
H5F.get_mdc_config Metadata cache configuration
H5F.get_mdc_hit_rate Metadata cache hit-rate
H5F.get_mdc_size Metadata cache size data
H5F.get_name Name of HDF5 file
H5F.get_obj_count Number of open objects in HDF5 file
H5F.get_obj_ids List of open HDF5 file objects
H5F.is_hdf5 Determine if file is HDF5
H5F.mount Mount HDF5 file onto specified location Open HDF5 file
H5F.reopen Reopen HDF5 file
H5F.set_mdc_config Configure HDF5 file metadata cache
H5F.unmount Unmount file or group from mount point
H5G.close Close group
H5G.create Create group
H5G.get_info Information about group Open specified group
H5I.dec_ref Decrement reference count
H5I.get_file_id File identifier for specified object
H5I.get_name Name of object
H5I.get_ref Reference count of object
H5I.get_type Type of object
H5I.inc_ref Increment reference count of specified object
H5I.is_valid Determine if specified identifier is valid
h5info Return information about HDF5 file
H5L.copy Copy link from source location to destination location
H5L.create_external Create soft link to external object
H5L.create_hard Create hard link
H5L.create_soft Create soft link
H5L.delete Remove link
H5L.exists Determine if link exists
H5L.get_info Information about link
H5L.get_name_by_idx Information about link specified by index
H5L.get_val Value of symbolic link
H5L.iterate Iterate over links
H5L.iterate_by_name Iterate through links in group specified by name
H5L.move Rename link
H5L.visit Recursively iterate through links in group specified by group identifier
H5L.visit_by_name Recursively iterate through links in group specified by location and group name
H5ML.compare_values Numerically compare two HDF5 values
H5ML.get_constant_names Constants known by HDF5 library
H5ML.get_constant_value Value corresponding to a string
H5ML.get_function_names Functions provided by HDF5 library
H5ML.get_mem_datatype Data type for dataset ID
H5ML.hoffset Determine the offset of a field within a structure
H5ML.sizeof Return the size (in bytes) of a variable as stored on disk
H5O.close Close object
H5O.copy Copy object from source location to destination location
H5O.get_comment Get comment for object specified by object identifier
H5O.get_comment_by_name Get comment for object specified by location and object name
H5O.get_info Object metadata Create hard link to specified object Open specified object
H5O.open_by_idx Open object specified by index
H5O.set_comment Set comment for object specified by object identifier
H5O.set_comment_by_name Set comment for object specified by location and object name
H5O.visit Visit objects specified by object identifier
H5O.visit_by_name Visit objects specified by location and object name
H5P.all_filters_avail Determine availability of all filters
H5P.close Close property list
H5P.close_class Close property list class
H5P.copy Copy of property list
H5P.create Create new property list
H5P.equal Determine equality of property lists
H5P.exist Determine if specified property exists in property list
H5P.fill_value_defined Determine if fill value is defined
H5P.get Value of specified property in property list
H5P.get_alignment Retrieve alignment properties
H5P.get_alloc_time Return timing of storage space allocation
H5P.get_attr_creation_order Return tracking order and indexing settings
H5P.get_attr_phase_change Retrieve attribute phase change thresholds
H5P.get_btree_ratios B-tree split ratios
H5P.get_char_encoding Return character encoding
H5P.get_chunk Return size of chunks
H5P.get_chunk_cache Raw data chunk cache parameters
H5P.get_class Property list class
H5P.get_class_name Name of property list class
H5P.get_class_parent Identifier for parent class
H5P.get_copy_object Return properties to be used when object is copied
H5P.get_create_intermediate_group Determine creation of intermediate groups
H5P.get_driver Low-level file driver
H5P.get_edc_check Determine if error detection is enabled
H5P.get_external Return information about external file
H5P.get_external_count Return count of external files
H5P.get_family_offset Offset for family file driver
H5P.get_fapl_core Information about core file driver properties
H5P.get_fapl_family File access property list information
H5P.get_fapl_multi Information about multifile access property list
H5P.get_fclose_degree File close degree
H5P.get_fill_time Return time when fill values are written to dataset
H5P.get_fill_value Return dataset fill value
H5P.get_filter Return information about filter in pipeline
H5P.get_filter_by_id Return information about specified filter
H5P.get_gc_references Garbage collection references setting
H5P.get_hyper_vector_size Number of I/O vectors
H5P.get_istore_k Return 1/2 rank of indexed storage B-tree
H5P.get_layout Determine layout of raw data for dataset
H5P.get_libver_bounds Library version bounds settings
H5P.get_link_creation_order Query if link creation order is tracked
H5P.get_link_phase_change Query settings for conversion between groups
H5P.get_mdc_config Metadata cache configuration
H5P.get_meta_block_size Metadata block size setting
H5P.get_multi_type Type of data property for MULTI driver
H5P.get_nfilters Return number of filters in pipeline
H5P.get_nprops Query number of properties in property list or class
H5P.get_sieve_buf_size Maximum data sieve buffer size
H5P.get_size Query size of property value in bytes
H5P.get_sizes Return size of offsets and lengths
H5P.get_small_data_block_size Small data block size setting
H5P.get_sym_k Return size of B-tree 1/2 rank and leaf node 1/2 size
H5P.get_userblock Return size of user block
H5P.get_version Return version information for file creation property list
H5P.isa_class Determine if property list is member of class
H5P.iterate Iterate over properties in property list
H5P.modify_filter Modify filter in pipeline
H5P.remove_filter Remove filter from property list
H5P.set Set property list value
H5P.set_alignment Set alignment properties for file access property list
H5P.set_alloc_time Set timing for storage space allocation
H5P.set_attr_creation_order Set tracking of attribute creation order
H5P.set_attr_phase_change Set attribute storage phase change thresholds
H5P.set_btree_ratios Set B-tree split ratios for dataset transfer
H5P.set_char_encoding Set character encoding used to encode strings
H5P.set_chunk Set chunk size
H5P.set_chunk_cache Set raw data chunk cache parameters
H5P.set_copy_object Set properties to be used when objects are copied
H5P.set_create_intermediate_group Set creation of intermediate groups
H5P.set_deflate Set compression method and compression level
H5P.set_edc_check Enable error detection for dataset transfer
H5P.set_external Add additional file to external file list
H5P.set_family_offset Set offset property for family of files
H5P.set_fapl_core Modify file access to use H5FD_CORE driver
H5P.set_fapl_family Set file access to use family driver
H5P.set_fapl_log Set use of logging driver
H5P.set_fapl_multi Set use of multifile driver
H5P.set_fapl_sec2 Set file access for sec2 driver
H5P.set_fapl_split Set file access for emulation of split file driver
H5P.set_fapl_stdio Set file access for standard I/O driver
H5P.set_fclose_degree Set file access for file close degree
H5P.set_fill_time Set time when fill values are written to dataset
H5P.set_fill_value Set fill value for dataset creation property list
H5P.set_filter Add filter to filter pipeline
H5P.set_fletcher32 Set Fletcher32 checksum filter in dataset creation
H5P.set_gc_references Set garbage collection references flag
H5P.set_hyper_vector_size Set number of I/O vectors for hyperslab I/O
H5P.set_istore_k Set size of parameter for indexing chunked datasets
H5P.set_layout Set type of storage for dataset
H5P.set_libver_bounds Set library version bounds for objects
H5P.set_link_creation_order Set creation order tracking and indexing
H5P.set_link_phase_change Set parameters for group conversion
H5P.set_mdc_config Set initial metadata cache configuration
H5P.set_meta_block_size Set minimum metadata block size
H5P.set_multi_type Specify type of data accessed with MULTI driver
H5P.set_nbit Set N-Bit filter
H5P.set_scaleoffset Set Scale-Offset filter
H5P.set_shuffle Set shuffle filter
H5P.set_sieve_buf_size Set maximum size of data sieve buffer
H5P.set_sizes Set byte size of offsets and lengths
H5P.set_small_data_block_size Set size of block reserved for small data
H5P.set_sym_k Set size of parameters used to control symbol table nodes
H5P.set_userblock Set user block size
H5R.create Create reference
H5R.dereference Open object specified by reference
H5R.get_name Name of referenced object
H5R.get_obj_type Type of referenced object
H5R.get_region Copy of data space of specified region
h5read Read data from HDF5 data set
h5readatt Read attribute from HDF5 file
H5S.close Close data space
H5S.copy Create copy of data space
H5S.create Create new data space
H5S.create_simple Create new simple data space
H5S.extent_copy Copy extent from source to destination data space
H5S.get_select_bounds Bounding box of data space selection
H5S.get_select_elem_npoints Number of element points in selection
H5S.get_select_elem_pointlist Element points in data space selection
H5S.get_select_hyper_blocklist List of hyperslab blocks
H5S.get_select_hyper_nblocks Number of hyperslab blocks
H5S.get_select_npoints Number of elements in data space selection
H5S.get_select_type Type of data space selection
H5S.get_simple_extent_dims Data space size and maximum size
H5S.get_simple_extent_ndims Data space rank
H5S.get_simple_extent_npoints Number of elements in data space
H5S.get_simple_extent_type Data space class
H5S.is_simple Determine if data space is simple
H5S.offset_simple Set offset of simple data space
H5S.select_all Select entire extent of data space
H5S.select_elements Specify coordinates to include in selection
H5S.select_hyperslab Select hyperslab region
H5S.select_none Reset selection region to include no elements
H5S.select_valid Determine validity of selection
H5S.set_extent_none Remove extent from data space
H5S.set_extent_simple Set size of data space
H5T.array_create Create array data type object
H5T.close Close data type
H5T.commit Commit transient data type
H5T.committed Determine if data type is committed
H5T.copy Copy data type
H5T.create Create new data type
H5T.detect_class Determine of data type contains specific class
H5T.enum_create Create new enumeration data type
H5T.enum_insert Insert enumeration data type member
H5T.enum_nameof Name of enumeration data type member
H5T.enum_valueof Value of enumeration data type member
H5T.equal Determine equality of data types
H5T.get_array_dims Array dimension extents
H5T.get_array_ndims Rank of array data type
H5T.get_class Data type class identifier
H5T.get_create_plist Copy of data type creation property list
H5T.get_cset Character set of string data type
H5T.get_ebias Exponent bias of floating-point type
H5T.get_fields Floating-point data type bit field information
H5T.get_inpad Internal padding type for floating-point data types
H5T.get_member_class Data type class for compound data type member
H5T.get_member_index Index of compound or enumeration type member
H5T.get_member_name Name of compound or enumeration type member
H5T.get_member_offset Offset of field of compound data type
H5T.get_member_type Data type of specified member
H5T.get_member_value Value of enumeration data type member
H5T.get_native_type Native data type of dataset data type
H5T.get_nmembers Number of elements in enumeration type
H5T.get_norm Mantissa normalization type
H5T.get_offset Bit offset of first significant bit
H5T.get_order Byte order of atomic data type
H5T.get_pad Padding type of least and most-significant bits
H5T.get_precision Precision of atomic data type
H5T.get_sign Sign type for integer data type
H5T.get_size Size of data type in bytes
H5T.get_strpad Storage mechanism for string data type
H5T.get_super Base data type
H5T.get_tag Tag associated with opaque data type
H5T.insert Add member to compound data type
H5T.is_variable_str Determine if data type is variable-length string
H5T.lock Lock data type Open named data type
H5T.pack Recursively remove padding from compound data type
H5T.set_cset Set character dataset for string data type
H5T.set_ebias Set exponent bias of floating-point data type
H5T.set_fields Set sizes and locations of floating-point bit fields
H5T.set_inpad Specify how unused internal bits are to be filled
H5T.set_norm Set mantissa normalization of floating-point data type
H5T.set_offset Set bit offset of first significant bit
H5T.set_order Set byte ordering of atomic data type
H5T.set_pad Set padding type for least and most significant bits
H5T.set_precision Set precision of atomic data type
H5T.set_sign Set sign property for integer data type
H5T.set_size Set size of data type in bytes
H5T.set_strpad Set storage mechanism for string data type
H5T.set_tag Tag opaque data type with description
H5T.vlen_create Create new variable-length data type
h5write Write to HDF5 data set
h5writeatt Write HDF5 attribute
H5Z.filter_avail Determine if filter is available
H5Z.get_filter_info Information about filter
hadamard Hadamard matrix
handle Abstract class for deriving handle classes
handle.addlistener Create event listener
handle.notify Notify listeners that event is occurring
hankel Hankel matrix
hasdata Determine if data is available to read
hasFrame Determine if frame is available to read
hasnext Determine if ValueIterator has one or more values available
hdf5info Information about HDF5 file
hdf5read Read HDF5 file
hdf5write Write data to file in HDF5 format
hdfan Gateway to HDF multifile annotation (AN) interface
hdfdf24 Gateway to HDF 24-bit raster image (DF24) interface
hdfdfr8 Gateway to HDF 8-bit raster image (DFR8) interface
hdfh Gateway to HDF H interface
hdfhd Gateway to HDF HD interface
hdfhe Gateway to HDF HE interface
hdfhx Gateway to HDF external data (HX) interface
hdfinfo Information about HDF4 or HDF-EOS file
hdfml Utilities for working with MATLAB HDF gateway functions
hdfpt Interface to HDF-EOS Point object
hdfread Read data from HDF4 or HDF-EOS file
hdftool Browse and import data from HDF4 or HDF-EOS files
hdfv Gateway to HDF Vgroup (V) interface
hdfvf Gateway to VF functions in HDF Vdata interface
hdfvh Gateway to VH functions in HDF Vdata interface
hdfvs Gateway to VS functions in HDF Vdata interface
head Get top rows of table, timetable, or tall array
heatmap Create heatmap chart
height Number of table rows
help Help for functions in Command Window
helpbrowser Open Help browser to access online documentation
helpdesk Open Help browser
helpdlg Create help dialog box
helpwin Provide access to help comments for all functions
hess Hessenberg form of matrix
hex2dec Convert text representation of hexadecimal number to decimal number
hex2num Convert IEEE hexadecimal string to double-precision number
hgexport Export figure
hggroup Create group object
hgload Load graphics object hierarchy from file
hgsave Save graphics object hierarchy to file
hgtransform Create transform object
hidden Remove hidden lines from mesh plot
highlight Highlight nodes and edges in plotted graph
hilb Hilbert matrix
hist Histogram plot (not recommended; use histogram)
histc Histogram bin counts (not recommended; use histcounts)
histcounts Histogram bin counts
histcounts2 Bivariate histogram bin counts
histogram Histogram plot
histogram Histogram bar plot for numeric data
histogram2 Bivariate histogram plot
histogram2 Histogram bar plot for bivariate data
hms Hour, minute, and second numbers of duration
hold Retain current plot when adding new plots
home Send cursor home
horzcat Concatenate arrays horizontally
horzcat (tscollection) Horizontal concatenation for tscollection objects
hot Hot colormap array
hour Hour number
hours Duration in hours
hsv HSV colormap array
hsv2rgb Convert HSV colormap to RGB colormap
hypot Square root of sum of squares (hypotenuse)
i Imaginary unit
ichol Incomplete Cholesky factorization
idealfilter Apply ideal (noncausal) filter to timeseries object
idivide Integer division with rounding option
if, elseif, else Execute statements if condition is true
ifft Inverse fast Fourier transform
ifft2 2-D inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftn Multidimensional inverse fast Fourier transform
ifftshift Inverse zero-frequency shift
ilu Incomplete LU factorization
im2double Convert image to double precision
im2frame Convert image to movie frame
im2java Convert image to Java image
imag Imaginary part of complex number
image Display image from array
ImageDatastore Datastore for image data
imageDatastore Create ImageDatastore object for collections of image data
imagesc Display image with scaled colors
imapprox Approximate indexed image by reducing number of colors
imfinfo Information about graphics file
imformats Manage image file format registry
imgCompress Compress HDU from one file into another
import Add package or class to current import list
importdata Load data from file
imread Read image from graphics file
imshow Display image
imwrite Write image to graphics file
incenter Incenter of triangle or tetrahedron
incenters (Not recommended) Incenters of specified simplices
incidence Graph incidence matrix
ind2rgb Convert indexed image to RGB image
ind2sub Subscripts from linear index
indegree In-degree of nodes
Inf Infinity
info Information about contacting MathWorks
inline Construct inline object
inmem Names of functions, MEX-files, classes in memory
innerjoin Inner join between two tables or timetables
inOutStatus (Not recommended) Status of triangles in 2-D constrained Delaunay triangulation
inpolygon Points located inside or on edge of polygonal region
input Request user input
inputdlg Create dialog box that gathers user input
inputname Variable name of function input
inputParser Parse function inputs
insertAfter Insert string after specified substring
insertATbl Insert ASCII table after current HDU
insertBefore Insert string before specified substring
insertBTbl Insert binary table after current HDU
insertCol Insert column into table
insertImg Insert FITS image after current image
insertRows Insert rows into table
inShape Determine if point is inside alpha shape
inspect Open Property Inspector
instrcallback Event information when event occurs
instrfind Read serial port objects from memory to MATLAB workspace
instrfindall Find visible and hidden serial port objects
int16 Convert to 16-bit signed integer
int2str Convert integers to character array
int32 Convert to 32-bit signed integer
int64 Convert to 64-bit signed integer
int8 Convert to 8-bit signed integer
integral Numerical integration
integral2 Numerically evaluate double integral
integral3 Numerically evaluate triple integral
interfaces List custom interfaces exposed by COM server object
interp1 1-D data interpolation (table lookup)
interp1q Quick 1-D linear interpolation
interp2 Interpolation for 2-D gridded data in meshgrid format
interp3 Interpolation for 3-D gridded data in meshgrid format
interpft 1-D interpolation (FFT method)
interpn Interpolation for 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, and N-D gridded data in ndgrid format
interpstreamspeed Interpolate stream-line vertices from flow speed
intersect Set intersection of two arrays
intmax Largest value of specified integer type
intmin Smallest value of specified integer type
inv Matrix inverse
invhilb Inverse of Hilbert matrix
invoke Invoke method on COM object or interface, or display methods
ipermute Inverse permute dimensions of N-D array
iqr Interquartile range of timeseries data
is* Detect state
isa Determine if input is object of specified class
isappdata True if application-defined data exists
isaUnderlying Determine if tall array data is of specified class
isbanded Determine if matrix is within specific bandwidth
isbetween Determine elements within date and time interval
iscalendarduration Determine if input is calendar duration array
iscategorical Determine whether input is categorical array
iscategory Test for categorical array categories
iscell Determine whether input is cell array
iscellstr Determine if input is cell array of character vectors
ischar Determine if input is character array
iscolumn Determine whether input is column vector
iscom Determine whether input is COM or ActiveX object
isCompressedImg Determine if current image is compressed
isConnected Test if two vertices are connected by edge
isdag Determine if graph is acyclic
isdatetime Determine if input is datetime array
isdiag Determine if matrix is diagonal
isdir Determine whether input is a folder
isdst Determine daylight saving time elements
isduration Determine if input is duration array
isEdge (Not recommended) Test if vertices are joined by edge
isempty Determine whether array is empty
isempty (tscollection) Determine whether tscollection object is empty
isenum Determine if variable is enumeration
isequal Determine array equality
isequaln Determine array equality, treating NaN values as equal
isequalwithequalnans Test arrays for equality, treating NaNs as equal
isevent Determine whether input is COM object event
isfield Determine whether input is structure array field
isfinite Array elements that are finite
isfloat Determine if input is floating-point array
isgraphics True for valid graphics object handles
ishandle Test for valid graphics or Java object handle
ishermitian Determine if matrix is Hermitian or skew-Hermitian
ishghandle True for graphics object handles
ishold Current hold state
isinf Array elements that are infinite
isinteger Determine if input is integer array
isinterface Determine whether input is COM interface
isInterior Test if triangle is in interior of 2-D constrained Delaunay triangulation
isisomorphic Determine whether two graphs are isomorphic
isjava Determine if input is Java object
isKey Determine if containers.Map object contains key
iskeyword Determine whether input is MATLAB keyword
isletter Determine which character array elements are letters
isLocked Determine if System object is locked
islogical Determine if input is logical array
ismac Determine if version is for macOS platform
ismatrix Determine whether input is matrix
ismember Array elements that are members of set array
ismembertol Members of set within tolerance
ismethod Determine if method of object
ismethod Determine whether input is COM object method
ismissing Find missing values
isnan Array elements that are NaN
isnat Determine NaT (Not-a-Time) elements
isnumeric Determine if input is numeric array
isobject Determine if input is MATLAB object
isocaps Compute isosurface end-cap geometry
isocolors Calculate isosurface and patch colors
isomorphism Compute equivalence relation between two graphs
isonormals Compute normals of isosurface vertices
isordinal Determine whether input is ordinal categorical array
isosurface Extract isosurface data from volume data
isoutlier Find outliers in data
ispc Determine if version is for Windows (PC) platform
ispref Test for existence of preference
isprime Determine which array elements are prime
isprop Determine if property of object
isprop Determine whether input is COM object property
isprotected Determine whether categories of categorical array are protected
isreal Determine whether array is real
isregular Determine whether times in timetable are regular
isrow Determine whether input is row vector
isscalar Determine whether input is scalar
issorted Determine if array is sorted
issortedrows Determine if matrix or table rows are sorted
isspace Determine which character array elements are space characters
issparse Determine whether input is sparse
isstr Determine whether input is character array
isstring Determine if input is string array
isstrprop Determine if string is of specified category
isstruct Determine whether input is structure array
isstudent Determine if version is Student Version
issymmetric Determine if matrix is symmetric or skew-symmetric
istable Determine whether input is table
istall Determine if input is tall array
istimetable Determine if input is timetable
istril Determine if matrix is lower triangular
istriu Determine if matrix is upper triangular
isundefined Find undefined elements in categorical array
isunix Determine if version is for Linux or Mac platforms
isvalid (serial) Determine whether serial port objects are valid
isvarname Determine if input is valid variable name
isvector Determine whether input is vector
isweekend Determine weekend elements
j Imaginary unit
javaaddpath Add entries to dynamic Java class path
javaArray Construct Java array object
javachk Error message based on Java feature support
javaclasspath Return Java class path or specify dynamic path
javaMethod Call Java method
javaMethodEDT Call Java method from Event Dispatch Thread (EDT)
javaObject Call Java constructor
javaObjectEDT Call Java constructor on Event Dispatch Thread (EDT)
javarmpath Remove entries from dynamic Java class path
jet Jet colormap array
join Combine strings, or merge two tables or timetables by rows using key variables
jsondecode Decode JSON-formatted text
jsonencode Encode structured MATLAB data as JSON-formatted text
juliandate Convert MATLAB datetime to Julian date
keyboard Input from keyboard
keys Identify keys of containers.Map object
KeyValueDatastore Datastore for key-value pair data
KeyValueStore Store key-value pairs for use with mapreduce
kron Kronecker tensor product
labeledge Label graph edges
labelnode Label graph nodes
lag Time-shift data in timetable
laplacian Graph Laplacian matrix
last Return last uncaught exception
lasterr Last error message
lasterror Last error message and related information
lastwarn Last warning message
layout Change layout of graph plot
lcm Least common multiple
ldivide Left array division
ldl Block LDL' factorization for Hermitian indefinite matrices
le Determine less than or equal to
legend Add legend to axes
legendre Associated Legendre functions
length Length of largest array dimension
length Length of containers.Map object
length (serial) Length of serial port object array
length (tscollection) Length of time vector
lib.pointer Pointer object compatible with C pointer
lib.pointer.disp Display lib.pointer type
lib.pointer.isNull Points to NULL pointer + (plus) operator for pointer arithmetic
lib.pointer.reshape Reshape lib.pointer array
lib.pointer.setdatatype Initialize type and size of lib.pointer object
libfunctions Return information on functions in shared library
libfunctionsview Display shared library function signatures in window
libisloaded Determine if shared library is loaded
libpointer Pointer object for use with shared library
libstruct Convert MATLAB structure to C-style structure for use with shared library
license Get license number or perform licensing task
light Create light
lightangle Create or position light object in spherical coordinates
lighting Specify lighting algorithm
lin2mu Convert linear audio signal to mu-law
line Create primitive line
lines Lines colormap array
LineSpec (Line Specification) Line specification
linkaxes Synchronize limits of specified 2-D axes
linkdata Automatically update graphs when variables change
linkprop Keep same value for corresponding properties of graphics objects
linsolve Solve linear system of equations
linspace Generate linearly spaced vector
listdlg Create list selection dialog box
listfonts List available system fonts
load Load variables from file into workspace
load Initialize control object from file
load (serial) Load serial port objects and variables into MATLAB workspace
loadlibrary Load C/C++ shared library into MATLAB
loadobj Modify load process for object
localfunctions Function handles to all local functions in MATLAB file
log Natural logarithm
log10 Common logarithm (base 10)
log1p Compute log(1+x) accurately for small values of x
log2 Base 2 logarithm and dissect floating-point numbers into exponent and mantissa
logical Convert numeric values to logicals
Logical Operators: Short-circuit Logical operations with short-circuiting
loglog Log-log scale plot
logm Matrix logarithm
logspace Generate logarithmically spaced vector
lookfor Search for keyword in all help entries
lower Convert string to lowercase
ls List folder contents
lscov Least-squares solution in presence of known covariance
lsqnonneg Solve nonnegative linear least-squares problem
lsqr LSQR method
lt Determine less than
lu LU matrix factorization
magic Magic square
makehgtform Create 4-by-4 transform matrix
mapreduce Programming technique for analyzing data sets that do not fit in memory
mapreducer Define execution environment for mapreduce or tall arrays
mat2cell Convert array to cell array with potentially different sized cells
mat2str Convert matrix to character vector
material Control reflectance properties of surfaces and patches
matfile Access and change variables directly in MAT-files, without loading into memory
matlab (Linux) Start MATLAB program from Linux system prompt
matlab (Mac) Start MATLAB program from Mac Terminal
matlab (Windows) Start MATLAB program from Windows system prompt
matlab.addons.toolbox.installedToolboxes Return information about installed toolboxes
matlab.addons.toolbox.installToolbox Install toolbox file
matlab.addons.toolbox.packageToolbox Package toolbox project
matlab.addons.toolbox.toolboxVersion Query or modify version of toolbox
matlab.addons.toolbox.uninstallToolbox Uninstall toolbox
matlab.apputil.create Create or modify app project file for packaging app into .mlappinstall file using interactive dialog box
matlab.apputil.getInstalledAppInfo List installed app information
matlab.apputil.install Install app from a .mlappinstall file
matlab.apputil.package Package app files into .mlappinstall file Run app programmatically
matlab.apputil.uninstall Uninstall app
matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProducts List dependencies of MATLAB program files
matlab.engine.connect_matlab Connect shared MATLAB session to MATLAB Engine for Python
matlab.engine.engineName Return name of shared MATLAB session
matlab.engine.find_matlab Find shared MATLAB sessions to connect to MATLAB Engine for Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult Results of asynchronous call to MATLAB function stored in Python object
matlab.engine.FutureResult.cancel Cancel asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult.cancelled Cancellation status of asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult.done Completion status of asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.FutureResult.result Result of asynchronous call to MATLAB function from Python
matlab.engine.isEngineShared Determine if MATLAB session is shared
matlab.engine.MatlabEngine Python object using MATLAB as computational engine within Python session
matlab.engine.shareEngine Convert running MATLAB session to shared session
matlab.engine.start_matlab Start MATLAB Engine for Python
matlab.exception.JavaException Capture error information for Java exception
matlab.exception.PyException Capture error information for Python exception Common base class for graphics objects Default graphics object Information about attribute Terminate access to SD interface Create new data set Information about dimension Terminate access to data set Number of data sets and global attributes in file Index of specified attribute Data set calibration information Chunk size for data set Information about data set compression Predefined attributes for data set Dimension identifier Scale data for dimension Predefined attributes for dimension Name of file Fill value for data set Information about data set Maximum and minimum range values Reference number corresponding to data set identifier Type of object Determine if data set is a coordinate variable Determine if data set is appendable Index value of named data set List of data sets with same name Read attribute value Read chunk from data set Read subsample of data Index of data set corresponding to reference number Identifier of data set with specified index Write attribute value Set data set calibration information Set chunk size and compression method of data set Set compression method of data set Set predefined attributes for data set Associate name with dimension Set scale values for dimension Set label, unit, and format attributes Store data in external file Set current fill mode of file Set fill value for data set Specify nonstandard bit length for data set values Set maximum and minimum range value for data set Open HDF file and initialize SD interface Write chunk to data set Write to data set Attach to existing grid Close HDF-EOS grid file Compression information for field Create new grid structure Define region of interest by latitude and longitude Set grid field compression Define new dimension within grid Define new data field within grid Define origin of pixels in grid Define pixel registration within grid Define grid projection Define tiling parameters Define vertical subset region Detach from existing grid Length of dimension Read region of interest from field Information about data field Fill value for specified field Pixel rows and columns for latitude/longitude pairs Read data values for specified pixels Position and size of grid Convert row and column space to latitude and longitude Names of grid attributes Information about dimensions defined in grid Information about data fields defined in grid Names of grids in file Bilinear interpolation on a grid field Convert latitude and longitude to row and column space Number of specified objects Open grid file Origin code Pixel registration code GCTP projection information about grid Read grid attribute Read Block SOM offset Read data from grid field Read single tile of data from field Information about subsetted region Set fill value for specified field Set tiling and compression for field with fill value Name corresponding to GCTP sphere code Numeric GCTP code corresponding to sphere name Tile size of grid field Write grid attribute Write Block SOM offset Write data to grid field Write tile to field Attach to swath data set Close swath file Compression information for field Create new swath structure Define latitude-longitude region for swath Set grid field compression Define new data field within swath Define new dimension within swath Define mapping between geolocation and data dimensions Define new data field within swath Define time period of interest Subset on monotonic field or dimension Detach from swath Size of dimension Read data from subsetted time period Read subsetted region Information about swath field Type of dimension mapping for named dimension Fill value for specified field Indexed array of geolocation mapping Names of swath attributes Information about geolocation fields Information about dimensions defined in swath Information about geolocation fields Information about swath indexed geolocation mapping Information about swath geolocation relations Names of swaths in file Offset and increment of specific geolocation mapping Number of entries for specific type Open swath file Information about subsetted period Read swath attribute Read data from swath field Information about subsetted region Set fill value for the specified field Write swath attribute Write data to swath field Load and save parts of variables in MAT-files Array dimensions Names of variables in MAT-file Names, sizes, and types of variables in MAT-file Save workspace variables to MATLAB script
matlab.lang.makeUniqueStrings Construct unique strings from input strings
matlab.lang.makeValidName Construct valid MATLAB identifiers from input strings
matlab.lang.OnOffSwitchState Represent on and off states with logical values
matlab.mixin.Copyable Superclass providing copy functionality for handle objects
matlab.mixin.CustomDisplay Interface for customizing object display
matlab.mixin.Heterogeneous Superclass for heterogeneous array formation
matlab.mixin.SetGet Provide handle classes with set and get methods
matlab.mixin.SetGetExactNames Require exact name match for set and get methods
matlab.mixin.util.PropertyGroup Custom property list for object display
matlab.mock.actions.AssignOutputs Define return values for method called or property accessed
matlab.mock.actions.ReturnStoredValue Return stored property value
matlab.mock.actions.StoreValue Store property value
matlab.mock.actions.ThrowException Throw exception when method is called or when property is set or accessed
matlab.mock.AnyArguments Match any number of arguments
matlab.mock.constraints.WasAccessed Constraint determining property get access
matlab.mock.constraints.WasCalled Constraint determining method call
matlab.mock.constraints.WasSet Constraint determining property set interaction
matlab.mock.MethodCallBehavior Specify mock object method behavior and qualify method calls
matlab.mock.PropertyBehavior Specify mock object property behavior and qualify interactions
matlab.mock.PropertyGetBehavior Specify mock property get behavior
matlab.mock.PropertySetBehavior Specify mock object set behavior
matlab.mock.TestCase TestCase to write tests with mocking framework Convert arrays in HTTP queries Base 64 decoding of string Base 64 encoding of byte string or vector HTTP Authentication scheme Authentication or authorization information in HTTP messages Return value of AuthInfo parameter Remove AuthInfo parameter Set value of AuthInfo parameter HTTP cookie received from server HTTP cookie information Latest CookieInfo objects from HTTP response message history Credentials for authenticating HTTP requests Results in HTTP log record HTTP Accept header field HTTP WWW-Authenticate or Proxy-Authenticate header field HTTP Authentication-Info header field in response message HTTP Authorization or Proxy-Authorization header field HTTP Content-Length field HTTP Content-Location header field HTTP Content-Type header field HTTP Cookie header field HTTP Date header field Return value of field as array of MATLAB datetime objects HTTP header field with any name and value HTTP header field containing date Base class for HTTP header fields containing nonnegative integers HTTP Location header field Base class for HTTP Content-Type and Accept header fields HTTP Set-Cookie header field Returns CookieInfo object for each Set-Cookie field Base class for HTTP header fields containing URI components Header field of HTTP message Return header fields as formatted character vector Convert header field value to MATLAB type Convert header field value like another header field Display supported HeaderField subclasses Compare two HeaderField arrays Compare two HeaderField arrays Parse header field value and return as strings Return header fields as formatted string Exception thrown by HTTP services Options controlling HTTP message exchange HTTP history log record Display or return human-readable version of vector of LogRecords Internet media type used in HTTP headers Value of media type parameter Set value of media type parameter HTTP request or response message Add fields to message header Change existing fields in message header Return message as character vector Return message header fields matching name or class Remove fields from message header Display or return formatted version of message Return message as string Body of HTTP message Return message body as character vector Display or return formatted version of message body data Return message body as string HTTP message type Progress monitor for HTTP message exchange Indicate all message transfers completed HTTP protocol version First line of HTTP request message HTTP request message Validate and complete HTTP request message without sending Send HTTP request message and receive response HTTP request method HTTP response message Process or reprocess response payload Content-Type First line of HTTP message Status class of HTTP response StatusClass name as text phrase Status code in HTTP response Create StatusCode object from string or number StatusClass for StatusCode StatusCode identifier as text phrase First line of HTTP response message Parameter in query portion of uniform resource identifier (URI) Encoded query parameter as character vector Encoded query parameter as string Uniform resource identifier (URI)
matlab.perftest.FixedTimeExperiment TimeExperiment that collects fixed number of measurements
matlab.perftest.FrequentistTimeExperiment TimeExperiment that collects variable number of measurements
matlab.perftest.TestCase Superclass of matlab.perftest performance test classes
matlab.perftest.TimeExperiment Interface for measuring execution time of code under test
matlab.System Base class for System objects
matlab.system.mixin.FiniteSource Finite source mixin class
matlab.system.StringSet Set of valid character vector values
matlab.unittest.constraints.BooleanConstraint Interface class for boolean combinations of constraints
matlab.unittest.constraints.Constraint Fundamental interface class for comparisons
matlab.unittest.constraints.Tolerance Abstract interface class for tolerances
matlab.unittest.diagnostics.ConstraintDiagnostic Diagnostics specific to matlab.unittest constraints
matlab.unittest.diagnostics.Diagnostic Fundamental interface class for matlab.unittest diagnostics
matlab.unittest.fixtures.Fixture Interface class for test fixtures
matlab.unittest.measurement.MeasurementResult Result of measuring test suite
matlab.unittest.plugins.OutputStream Interface that determines where to send text output
matlab.unittest.plugins.QualifyingPlugin Interface for plugins that perform system-wide qualifications
matlab.unittest.plugins.TestRunnerPlugin Plugin interface for extending TestRunner
matlab.unittest.Test Specification of a single test method
matlab.unittest.TestCase Superclass of all matlab.unittest test classes
matlab.unittest.TestResult Result of running test suite
matlab.unittest.TestRunner Class for running tests in matlab.unittest framework Run all tests in TestSuite array
matlab.unittest.TestSuite Class for grouping tests to run Run TestSuite array using TestRunner object configured for text output
matlab.wsdl.createWSDLClient Create interface to SOAP-based web service
matlab.wsdl.setWSDLToolPath Location of WSDL tools
matlabrc Start up file for MATLAB program
matlabroot Root folder
matlabshared.supportpkg.checkForUpdate List of support packages that can be updated (Not recommended)
matlabshared.supportpkg.getInstalled List of installed support packages
matlabshared.supportpkg.getSupportPackageRoot Get root folder of support packages
matlabshared.supportpkg.setSupportPackageRoot Set root folder of support packages
max Maximum value of timeseries data
max Largest elements in array
maxflow Maximum flow in graph
MaximizeCommandWindow Open Automation server window
maxNumCompThreads Control maximum number of computational threads
mean Mean value of timeseries data
mean Average or mean value of array
median Median value of timeseries data
median Median value of array
memmapfile Create memory map to a file
memoize Add memoization semantics to function handle
MemoizedFunction Call memoized function and cache results
memory Display memory information
menu (Not recommended) Create multiple-choice dialog box
mergecats Merge categories in categorical array
mesh Mesh plot
meshc Plot a contour graph under mesh graph
meshgrid 2-D and 3-D grids
meshz Plot a curtain around mesh plot
meta.abstractDetails Find abstract methods and properties
meta.class Describe MATLAB class
meta.class.fromName Return meta.class object associated with named class
meta.DynamicProperty Describe dynamic property of MATLAB object
meta.EnumeratedValue Describe enumeration member of MATLAB class
meta.event Describe event of MATLAB class
meta.MetaData Superclass for MATLAB object metadata
meta.method Describe method of MATLAB class
meta.package Describe MATLAB package
meta.package.fromName Return meta.package object for specified package
meta.package.getAllPackages Get all top-level packages Describe property of MATLAB class
metaclass Obtain meta.class object
methods Class method names
methodsview View class methods
mex Build MEX function from C/C++ or Fortran source code
mex.getCompilerConfigurations Get compiler configuration information for building MEX files
MException Capture error information
mexext Binary MEX file-name extension
mfilename File name of currently running code
mget Download files from FTP server
milliseconds Duration in milliseconds
min Minimum value of timeseries data
min Smallest elements in array
MinimizeCommandWindow Minimize size of Automation server window
minres Minimum residual method
minspantree Minimum spanning tree of graph
minus Subtraction
minute Minute number
minutes Duration in minutes
mislocked Determine if function is locked in memory
missing Create missing values
mkdir Create folder on FTP server
mkdir Make new folder
mkpp Make piecewise polynomial
mldivide Solve systems of linear equations Ax = B for x
mlint Check MATLAB code files for possible problems
mlintrpt Run checkcode for file or folder
mlock Prevent clearing function from memory
mmfileinfo Information about multimedia file
mod Remainder after division (modulo operation)
mode Most frequent values in array
month Month number and name
more Control paged output for Command Window
morebins Increase number of histogram bins
movAbsHDU Move to absolute HDU number
move Move or resize control in parent window
movefile Move file or folder
movegui Move UI figure to specified location on screen
movie Play recorded movie frames
movmad Moving median absolute deviation
movmax Moving maximum
movmean Moving mean
movmedian Moving median
movmin Moving minimum
movNamHDU Move to first HDU having specific type and keyword values
movprod Moving product
movRelHDU Move relative number of HDUs from current HDU
movstd Moving standard deviation
movsum Moving sum
movvar Moving variance
mpower Matrix power
mput Upload file or folder to FTP server
mrdivide Solve systems of linear equations xA = B for x
msgbox Create message dialog box
mtimes Matrix Multiplication
mu2lin Convert mu-law audio signal to linear
multibandread Read band-interleaved data from binary file
multibandwrite Write band-interleaved data to file
munlock Allow clearing functions from memory
mustBeFinite Validate that value is finite or issue error
mustBeGreaterThan Validate that value is greater than another value or issue error
mustBeGreaterThanOrEqual Validate that value is greater than or equal to another value or issue error
mustBeInteger Validate that value is integer or issue error
mustBeLessThan Validate that value is less than another value or issue error
mustBeLessThanOrEqual Validate that value is less than or equal to another value or issue error
mustBeMember Validate that value is member of specified set
mustBeNegative Validate that value is negative or issue error
mustBeNonempty Validate that value is nonempty or issue error
mustBeNonNan Validate that value is nonNaN
mustBeNonnegative Validate that value is nonnegative or issue error
mustBeNonpositive Validate that value is nonpositive or issue error
mustBeNonsparse Validate that value is nonsparse or issue error
mustBeNonzero Validate that value is nonzero or issue error
mustBeNumeric Validate that value is numeric or issue error
mustBeNumericOrLogical Validate that value is numeric or logical or issue error
mustBePositive Validate that value is positive or issue error
mustBeReal Validate that value is real or issue error
namelengthmax Maximum identifier length
NaN Not-a-Number
nargchk Validate number of input arguments
nargin Number of function input arguments
narginchk Validate number of input arguments
nargout Number of function output arguments
nargoutchk Validate number of output arguments
NaT Not-a-Time
native2unicode Convert numeric bytes to Unicode character representation
nccreate Create variable in NetCDF file
ncdisp Display contents of NetCDF data source in Command Window
nchoosek Binomial coefficient or all combinations
ncinfo Return information about NetCDF data source
ncread Read data from variable in NetCDF data source
ncreadatt Read attribute value from NetCDF data source
ncwrite Write data to NetCDF file
ncwriteatt Write attribute to NetCDF file
ncwriteschema Add NetCDF schema definitions to NetCDF file
ndgrid Rectangular grid in N-D space
ndims Number of array dimensions
ne Determine inequality
nearest Nearest neighbors within radius
nearestNeighbor Vertex closest to specified location
nearestNeighbor (Not recommended) Point closest to specified location
nearestNeighbor Determine nearest alpha shape boundary point
neighbors Neighbors of graph node
neighbors Neighbors to specified triangle or tetrahedron
neighbors (Not recommended) Simplex neighbor information
NET Summary of functions in MATLAB .NET interface
NET.addAssembly Make .NET assembly visible to MATLAB
NET.Assembly Members of .NET assembly
NET.convertArray Convert numeric MATLAB array to .NET array
NET.createArray Array for nonprimitive .NET types
NET.createGeneric Create instance of specialized .NET generic type
NET.disableAutoRelease Lock .NET object representing a RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM Wrapper) so that MATLAB does not release COM object
NET.enableAutoRelease Unlock .NET object representing a RunTime Callable Wrapper (COM Wrapper) so that MATLAB releases COM object
NET.GenericClass Represent parameterized generic type definitions
NET.invokeGenericMethod Invoke generic method of object
NET.isNETSupported Check for supported Microsoft .NET Framework
NET.NetException Capture error information for .NET exception
NET.setStaticProperty Static property or field name
netcdf.abort Revert recent netCDF file definitions
netcdf.close Close netCDF file
netcdf.copyAtt Copy attribute to new location
netcdf.create Create new NetCDF dataset
netcdf.defDim Create netCDF dimension
netcdf.defGrp Create group in NetCDF file
netcdf.defVar Create NetCDF variable
netcdf.defVarChunking Define chunking behavior for NetCDF variable
netcdf.defVarDeflate Define compression parameters for NetCDF variable
netcdf.defVarFill Define fill parameters for NetCDF variable
netcdf.defVarFletcher32 Define checksum parameters for NetCDF variable
netcdf.delAtt Delete netCDF attribute
netcdf.endDef End netCDF file define mode
netcdf.getAtt Return netCDF attribute
netcdf.getChunkCache Retrieve chunk cache settings for NetCDF library
netcdf.getConstant Return numeric value of named constant
netcdf.getConstantNames Return list of constants known to netCDF library
netcdf.getVar Read data from NetCDF variable
netcdf.inq Return information about netCDF file
netcdf.inqAtt Return information about netCDF attribute
netcdf.inqAttID Return ID of netCDF attribute
netcdf.inqAttName Return name of netCDF attribute
netcdf.inqDim Return netCDF dimension name and length
netcdf.inqDimID Return dimension ID
netcdf.inqDimIDs Retrieve list of dimension identifiers in group
netcdf.inqFormat Determine format of NetCDF file
netcdf.inqGrpName Retrieve name of group
netcdf.inqGrpNameFull Complete pathname of group
netcdf.inqGrpParent Retrieve ID of parent group.
netcdf.inqGrps Retrieve array of child group IDs
netcdf.inqLibVers Return NetCDF library version information
netcdf.inqNcid Return ID of named group
netcdf.inqUnlimDims Return list of unlimited dimensions in group
netcdf.inqVar Information about variable
netcdf.inqVarChunking Determine chunking settings for NetCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarDeflate Determine compression settings for NetCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarFill Determine values of fill parameters for NetCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarFletcher32 Fletcher32 checksum setting for NetCDF variable
netcdf.inqVarID Return ID associated with variable name
netcdf.inqVarIDs IDs of all variables in group Open NetCDF data source
netcdf.putAtt Write netCDF attribute
netcdf.putVar Write data to netCDF variable
netcdf.reDef Put open netCDF file into define mode
netcdf.renameAtt Change name of attribute
netcdf.renameDim Change name of netCDF dimension
netcdf.renameVar Change name of netCDF variable
netcdf.setChunkCache Set default chunk cache settings for NetCDF library
netcdf.setDefaultFormat Change default netCDF file format
netcdf.setFill Set netCDF fill mode
netcdf.sync Synchronize netCDF file to disk
newline Create newline character
newplot Determine where to draw graphics objects
nextpow2 Exponent of next higher power of 2
nnz Number of nonzero matrix elements
noanimate Change EraseMode of all objects to normal
nonzeros Nonzero matrix elements
norm Vector and matrix norms
normest 2-norm estimate
not Find logical NOT
notebook (To be removed) Open MATLAB Notebook in Microsoft Word software (on Microsoft Windows platforms)
now Current date and time as serial date number
nthroot Real nth root of real numbers
null Null space
num2cell Convert array to cell array with consistently sized cells
num2hex Convert singles and doubles to IEEE hexadecimal strings
num2ruler Convert numeric data for use with specific ruler
num2str Convert numbers to character array
numArgumentsFromSubscript Number of arguments for customized indexing methods
numedges Number of edges in graph
numel Number of array elements
numnodes Number of nodes in graph
numpartitions Number of partitions
numRegions Number of regions in alpha shape
nzmax Amount of storage allocated for nonzero matrix elements
ode113 Solve nonstiff differential equations — variable order method
ode15i Solve fully implicit differential equations — variable order method
ode15s Solve stiff differential equations and DAEs — variable order method
ode23 Solve nonstiff differential equations — low order method
ode23s Solve stiff differential equations — low order method
ode23t Solve moderately stiff ODEs and DAEs — trapezoidal rule
ode23tb Solve stiff differential equations — trapezoidal rule + backward differentiation formula
ode45 Solve nonstiff differential equations — medium order method
odeget Extract ODE option values
odeset Create or modify options structure for ODE solvers
odextend Extend solution to ODE
onCleanup Cleanup tasks upon function completion
ones Create array of all ones
open Open file for writing video data
open Open file in appropriate application
openfig Open figure saved in FIG-file
openFile Open FITS file
opengl Control OpenGL rendering
openvar Open workspace variable in Variables editor or other graphical editing tool
optimget Optimization options values
optimset Create or edit optimization options structure
or Find logical OR
ordeig Eigenvalues of quasitriangular matrices
orderfields Order fields of structure array
ordqz Reorder eigenvalues in QZ factorization
ordschur Reorder eigenvalues in Schur factorization
orient Paper orientation for printing or saving
orth Orthonormal basis for range of matrix
outdegree Out-degree of nodes
outerjoin Outer join between two tables or timetables
pack Consolidate workspace memory
pad Add leading or trailing characters to strings
padecoef Padé approximation of time delays
pagesetupdlg Page setup dialog box
pan Pan view of graph interactively
pareto Pareto chart
parfor Parallel for loop
parse Parse function inputs
parseSoapResponse Convert response string from SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) server into MATLAB types
partition Partition a datastore
parula Parula colormap array
pascal Pascal matrix
patch Create one or more filled polygons
path View or change search path
path2rc Save current search path to pathdef.m file
pathsep Search path separator for current platform
pathtool Open Set Path dialog box to view and change search path
pause Stop MATLAB execution temporarily
pbaspect Control relative lengths of each axis
pcg Preconditioned conjugate gradients method
pchip Piecewise Cubic Hermite Interpolating Polynomial (PCHIP)
pcode Create protected function file
pcolor Pseudocolor (checkerboard) plot
pdepe Solve initial-boundary value problems for parabolic-elliptic PDEs in 1-D
pdeval Evaluate numerical solution of PDE using output of pdepe
peaks Example function of two variables
perimeter Perimeter of 2-D alpha shape
perl Call Perl script using appropriate operating system executable
perms All possible permutations
permute Rearrange dimensions of N-D array
persistent Define persistent variable
pi Ratio of circle's circumference to its diameter
pie Pie chart
pie3 3-D pie chart
pink Pink colormap array
pinv Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse of matrix
planerot Givens plane rotation
play Play audio from audioplayer object
play Play audio from audiorecorder object
playblocking Play audio from audioplayer object, holding control until playback completes
plot Plot time series
plot Graph plot
plot Plot alpha shape
plot 2-D line plot
plot3 3-D line plot
plotbrowser Show or hide figure Plot Browser
plotedit Interactively edit and annotate plots
plotmatrix Scatter plot matrix
plottools Show or hide plot tools
plotyy (Not recommended) Create graph with two y-axes
plus Addition
pointLocation Triangle or tetrahedron containing specified point
pointLocation (Not recommended) Simplex containing specified location
pol2cart Transform polar or cylindrical coordinates to Cartesian
polar (Not recommended) Polar coordinate plot
polaraxes Create polar axes
polarhistogram Histogram chart in polar coordinates
polarplot Plot line in polar coordinates
polarscatter Scatter chart in polar coordinates
poly Polynomial with specified roots or characteristic polynomial
polyarea Area of polygon
polyder Polynomial differentiation
polyeig Polynomial eigenvalue problem
polyfit Polynomial curve fitting
polyint Polynomial integration
polyval Polynomial evaluation
polyvalm Matrix polynomial evaluation
posixtime Convert MATLAB datetime to POSIX time
pow2 Base 2 power and scale floating-point numbers
power Element-wise power
ppval Evaluate piecewise polynomial
predecessors Node predecessors
prefdir Folder containing preferences, history, and layout files
preferences Open Preferences dialog box
preview Return subset of data from datastore
primes Prime numbers less than or equal to input value
print Print figure or save to specific file format
printdlg Open figure Print dialog box
printopt Configure printer defaults
printpreview Open figure Print Preview dialog box
prism Prism colormap array
prod Product of array elements
profile Profile execution time for functions
profsave Save profile report in HTML format
propedit Open Property Editor
propedit Open built-in property page for control
properties Class property names
propertyeditor Show or hide Property Editor
psi Psi (polygamma) function
publish Generate view of MATLAB file in specified format
PutCharArray Store character array in Automation server
PutFullMatrix Matrix in Automation server workspace
PutWorkspaceData Data in Automation server workspace
pwd Identify current folder
pyargs Create keyword argument for Python function
pyversion Change default version of Python interpreter
qmr Quasi-minimal residual method
qr Orthogonal-triangular decomposition
qrdelete Remove column or row from QR factorization
qrinsert Insert column or row into QR factorization
qrupdate Rank 1 update to QR factorization
quad Numerically evaluate integral, adaptive Simpson quadrature
quad2d Numerically evaluate double integral, tiled method
quadgk Numerically evaluate integral, adaptive Gauss-Kronrod quadrature
quadl Numerically evaluate integral, adaptive Lobatto quadrature
quadv Vectorized quadrature
quarter Quarter number
questdlg Create question dialog box
Quit Terminate MATLAB Automation server
quit Terminate MATLAB program
quiver Quiver or velocity plot
quiver3 3-D quiver or velocity plot
qz QZ factorization for generalized eigenvalues
rad2deg Convert angle from radians to degrees
rand Uniformly distributed random numbers
rand (RandStream) Uniformly distributed random numbers
randi Uniformly distributed pseudorandom integers
randi (RandStream) Uniformly distributed pseudorandom integers
randn Normally distributed random numbers
randn (RandStream) Normally distributed pseudorandom numbers
randperm Random permutation
randperm (RandStream) Random permutation
RandStream Random number stream
RandStream Random number stream
RandStream.create Create random number streams
RandStream.getGlobalStream Current global random number stream
RandStream.list Random number generator algorithms
RandStream.setGlobalStream Set global random number stream
rank Rank of matrix
rat Rational fraction approximation
rats Rational output
rbbox Create rubberband box for area selection
rcond Reciprocal condition number
rdivide Right array division
read Read video frame data from file
read Read data from remote host over TCP/IP
read Read data in datastore
readall Read all data in datastore
readasync Read data asynchronously from device
readATblHdr Read header information from current ASCII table
readBTblHdr Read header information from current binary table
readCard Header record of keyword
readCol Read rows of ASCII or binary table column
readFrame Read video frame from video file
readimage Read specified image from datastore
readImg Read image data
readKey Keyword
readKeyCmplx Keyword as complex scalar value
readKeyDbl Keyword as double precision value
readKeyLongLong Keyword as int64
readKeyLongStr Long string value
readKeyUnit Physical units string from keyword
readRecord Header record specified by number
readtable Create table from file
real Real part of complex number
reallog Natural logarithm for nonnegative real arrays
realmax Largest positive floating-point number
realmin Smallest positive normalized floating-point number
realpow Array power for real-only output
realsqrt Square root for nonnegative real arrays
record Record audio to audiorecorder object
record Record data and event information to file
recordblocking Record audio to audiorecorder object, holding control until recording completes
rectangle Create rectangle with sharp or curved corners
rectint Rectangle intersection area
recycle Set option to move deleted files to recycle folder
reducepatch Reduce number of patch faces
reducevolume Reduce number of elements in volume data set
refresh Redraw current figure
refreshdata Refresh data in graph when data source is specified
regexp Match regular expression (case sensitive)
regexpi Match regular expression (case insensitive)
regexprep Replace text using regular expression
regexptranslate Translate text into regular expression
registerevent Associate event handler for COM object event at run time
regmatlabserver Register current MATLAB as Automation server
rehash Refresh function and file system path caches
release Release resources and allow changes to System object property values and input characteristics
release Release COM interface
rem Remainder after division
Remove Convenience function for static .NET System.Delegate Remove method
remove Remove key-value pairs from containers.Map object
RemoveAll Convenience function for static .NET System.Delegate RemoveAll method
removecats Remove categories from categorical array
removets Remove timeseries objects from tscollection object
rename Rename file on FTP server
renamecats Rename categories in categorical array
reordercats Reorder categories in categorical array
reordernodes Reorder graph nodes
repelem Repeat copies of array elements
replace Find and replace substrings in string array
replaceBetween Replace substrings identified by indicators that mark their starts and ends
repmat Repeat copies of array
resample Select or interpolate timeseries data using new time vector
resample (tscollection) Select or interpolate data in tscollection using new time vector
reset Reset graphics object properties to their defaults
reset Reset datastore to initial state
reset Reset internal states of System object
reset (RandStream) Reset random number stream
reshape Reshape array
residue Partial fraction expansion (partial fraction decomposition)
restoredefaultpath Restore search path to its factory-installed state
rethrow Rethrow previously caught exception
rethrow Reissue error
retime Resample or aggregate data in timetable, and resolve duplicate or irregular times
return Return control to invoking function
reverse Reverse order of characters in string
rgb2gray Convert RGB image or colormap to grayscale
rgb2hsv Convert RGB colormap to HSV colormap
rgb2ind Convert RGB image to indexed image
rgbplot Plot colormap
ribbon Ribbon plot
rlim Set or query r-axis limits for polar axes
rmappdata Remove application-defined data
rmdir Remove folder on FTP server
rmdir Remove folder
rmedge Remove edge from graph
rmfield Remove fields from structure
rmmissing Remove missing entries
rmnode Remove node from graph
rmpath Remove folders from search path
rmpref Remove preference
rng Control random number generation
roots Polynomial roots
rose Angle histogram plot
rosser Classic symmetric eigenvalue test problem
rot90 Rotate array 90 degrees
rotate Rotate object about specified origin and direction
rotate3d Rotate 3-D view using mouse
round Round to nearest decimal or integer
rowfun Apply function to table or timetable rows
rref Reduced row echelon form (Gauss-Jordan elimination)
rsf2csf Convert real Schur form to complex Schur form
rtickangle Rotate r-axis tick labels
rtickformat Specify r-axis tick label format
rticklabels Set or query r-axis tick labels
rticks Set or query r-axis tick values
ruler2num Convert data from specific ruler to numeric data
run Run MATLAB script
runperf Run set of tests for performance measurement
runtests Run set of tests
save Save workspace variables to file
save Serialize control object to file
save (serial) Save serial port objects and variables to file
saveas Save figure to specific file format
savefig Save figure and contents to FIG-file
saveobj Modify save process for object
savepath Save current search path
scatter Scatter plot
scatter3 3-D scatter plot
scatteredInterpolant Interpolate 2-D or 3-D scattered data
schur Schur decomposition
scroll (App Designer) Scroll list box item or location into view
sec Secant of angle in radians
secd Secant of argument in degrees
sech Hyperbolic secant
second Second number
seconds Duration in seconds
selectmoveresize Select, move, resize, or copy axes and uicontrol graphics objects
semilogx Semilogarithmic plot
semilogy Semilogarithmic plot
sendmail Send email message to address list
serial Create serial port object
serialbreak Send break to device connected to serial port
seriallist List of serial ports connected to your system
set Set properties of timeseries object
set Set graphics object properties
set Set property values for audioplayer object
set Set property values for audiorecorder object
set Set object or interface property to specified value
set (RandStream) Set random number stream property
set (serial) Configure or display serial port object properties
set (tscollection) Set properties of tscollection object
setabstime Set times of timeseries object as date strings
setabstime (tscollection) Set times of tscollection object as date strings
setappdata Store application-defined data
setBscale Reset image scaling
setcats Set categories in categorical array
setCompressionType Set image compression type
setdiff Set difference of two arrays
setenv Set environment variable
setfield Assign values to structure array field
setHCompScale Set scale parameter for HCOMPRESS algorithm
setHCompSmooth Set smoothing for images compressed with HCOMPRESS
setinterpmethod Set default interpolation method for timeseries object
setpixelposition Set component position in pixels
setpref Set preference
setstr Set string flag
setTileDim Set tile dimensions
settimeseriesnames Change name of timeseries object in tscollection
setTscale Reset image scaling
setuniformtime Modify uniform time vector of timeseries object
setvaropts Set variable import options
setvartype Set variable data types
setxor Set exclusive OR of two arrays
shading Set color shading properties
sheetnames Query sheet names from datastore
shg Show most recent graph window
shiftdim Shift dimensions
shortestpath Shortest path between two single nodes
shortestpathtree Shortest path tree from node
showplottool Show or hide figure plot tool
shrinkfaces Reduce size of patch faces
shuffle Shuffle files in ImageDatastore
sign Sign function (signum function)
sin Sine of argument in radians
sind Sine of argument in degrees
single Convert to single precision
sinh Hyperbolic sine of argument in radians
size Array size
size Size of containers.Map object
size Size of triangulation connectivity list
size (Not recommended) Size of triangulation matrix
size (serial) Size of serial port object array
size (tscollection) Size of tscollection object
slice Volumetric slice plot
smooth3 Smooth 3-D data
smoothdata Smooth noisy data
snapnow Force snapshot of image for inclusion in published document
sort Sort array elements
sortrows Sort rows of matrix or table
sound Convert matrix of signal data to sound
soundsc Scale data and play as sound
spalloc Allocate space for sparse matrix
sparse Create sparse matrix
spaugment Form least squares augmented system
spconvert Import from sparse matrix external format
spdiags Extract and create sparse band and diagonal matrices
specular Calculate specular reflectance
speye Sparse identity matrix
spfun Apply function to nonzero sparse matrix elements
sph2cart Transform spherical coordinates to Cartesian
sphere Generate sphere
spinmap Spin colormap
spline Cubic spline data interpolation
split Split strings in string array, or split calendar duration into numeric and duration units
splitapply Split data into groups and apply function
splitEachLabel Split ImageDatastore labels by proportions
splitlines Split string at newline characters
spones Replace nonzero sparse matrix elements with ones
spparms Set parameters for sparse matrix routines
sprand Sparse uniformly distributed random matrix
sprandn Sparse normally distributed random matrix
sprandsym Sparse symmetric random matrix
sprank Structural rank
SpreadsheetDatastore Datastore for spreadsheet files
spreadsheetDatastore Create SpreadsheetDatastore object for collections of spreadsheet data
SpreadsheetImportOptions Import options object for Spreadsheets
spring Spring colormap array
sprintf Format data into string
spy Visualize sparsity pattern
sqrt Square root
sqrtm Matrix square root
squeeze Remove singleton dimensions
ss2tf Convert state-space representation to transfer function
sscanf Read formatted data from string
stack Stack data from multiple variables into single variable
stairs Stairstep graph
standardizeMissing Insert standard missing values
startsWith Determine if string starts with pattern
startup Start up file for user-defined options
stats Return cached values and statistics for MemoizedFunction object
std Standard deviation of timeseries data
std Standard deviation
stem Plot discrete sequence data
stem3 Plot 3-D discrete sequence data
step Run System object algorithm
stopasync Stop asynchronous read and write operations
str2double Convert string to double precision value
str2func Construct function handle from character vector
str2mat Form blank-padded character matrix from strings
str2num Convert character array to numeric array
strcat Concatenate strings horizontally
strcmp Compare strings
strcmpi Compare strings (case insensitive)
stream2 Compute 2-D streamline data
stream3 Compute 3-D streamline data
streamline Plot streamlines from 2-D or 3-D vector data
streamparticles Plot stream particles
streamribbon 3-D stream ribbon plot from vector volume data
streamslice Plot streamlines in slice planes
streamtube Create 3-D stream tube plot
strfind Find one string within another
string Convert to string array
strings Create array of strings with no characters
strip Remove leading and trailing characters from string
strjoin Join text in array
strjust Justify string or character array
strlength Length of strings in string array
strmatch Find possible matches for string
strncmp Compare first n characters of strings (case sensitive)
strncmpi Compare first n characters of strings (case insensitive)
strread Read formatted data from string
strrep Find and replace substring
strsplit Split string at specified delimiter
strtok Selected parts of string
strtrim Remove leading and trailing whitespace from string array or character array
struct Create structure array
struct2cell Convert structure to cell array
struct2table Convert structure array to table
structfun Apply function to each field of scalar structure
strvcat Concatenate strings vertically
sub2ind Convert subscripts to linear indices
subgraph Extract subgraph
subplot Create axes in tiled positions
subsasgn Redefine subscripted assignment
subsindex Convert object to array index
subspace Angle between two subspaces
subsref Redefine subscripted reference for objects
substruct Create structure argument for subsasgn or subsref
subvolume Extract subset of volume data set
successors Node successors
sum Sum of array elements
sum Sum of timeseries data
summary Print summary of table, timetable, or categorical array
summer Summer colormap array
superclasses Names of superclasses
support Open MathWorks Technical Support Web page
supportPackageInstaller Install support for third-party hardware or software (Not recommended)
surf Surface plot
surf2patch Convert surface data to patch data
surface Create surface object
surfaceArea Surface area of 3-D alpha shape
surfc Contour plot under a 3-D shaded surface plot
surfl Surface plot with colormap-based lighting
surfnorm Compute and display 3-D surface normals
svd Singular value decomposition
svds Subset of singular values and vectors
swapbytes Swap byte ordering
switch, case, otherwise Execute one of several groups of statements
sylvester Solve Sylvester equation AX + XB = C for X
symamd Symmetric approximate minimum degree permutation
symbfact Symbolic factorization analysis
symmlq Symmetric LQ method
symrcm Sparse reverse Cuthill-McKee ordering
symvar Determine symbolic variables in expression
synchronize Synchronize timetables to common time vector, and resample or aggregate data from input timetables
synchronize Synchronize and resample two timeseries objects using common time vector
syntax Two ways to call MATLAB functions
system Execute operating system command and return output
table Create table from workspace variables
table2array Convert table to homogeneous array
table2cell Convert table to cell array
table2struct Convert table to structure array
table2timetable Convert table to timetable
TabularTextDatastore Datastore for tabular text files
tabularTextDatastore Create TabularTextDatastore object for collections of tabular text data
tail Get bottom rows of table, timetable, or tall array
tall Create tall array
TallDatastore Datastore for checkpointing tall arrays
tan Tangent of argument in radians
tand Tangent of argument in degrees
tanh Hyperbolic tangent
tar Compress files into tar file
targetupdater Set up support package that is already installed (Not recommended)
tcpclient Create TCP/IP client object to communicate over TCP/IP
tempdir Name of system's temporary folder
tempname Unique name for temporary file
Test Specification of a single test method
TestResult Result of running test suite
testsuite Create suite of tests Run TestSuite array using TestRunner object configured for text output
tetramesh Tetrahedron mesh plot
texlabel Format text with TeX characters
text Add text descriptions to data points
textread Read data from text file; write to multiple outputs
textscan Read formatted data from text file or string
textwrap Wrap text for uicontrol
tfqmr Transpose-free quasi-minimal residual method
thetalim Set or query theta-axis limits for polar axes
thetatickformat Specify theta-axis tick label format
thetaticklabels Set or query theta-axis tick labels
thetaticks Set or query theta-axis tick values
throw Throw exception
throwAsCaller Throw exception as if occurs within calling function
tic Start stopwatch timer
Tiff MATLAB Gateway to LibTIFF library routines
Tiff.close Close Tiff object
Tiff.computeStrip Index number of strip containing specified coordinate
Tiff.computeTile Index number of tile containing specified coordinates
Tiff.currentDirectory Index of current IFD
Tiff.getTag Value of specified tag
Tiff.getTagNames List of recognized TIFF tags
Tiff.getVersion LibTIFF library version
Tiff.isTiled Determine if tiled image
Tiff.lastDirectory Determine if current IFD is last in file
Tiff.nextDirectory Make next IFD current IFD
Tiff.numberOfStrips Total number of strips in image
Tiff.numberOfTiles Total number of tiles in image Read entire image
Tiff.readEncodedStrip Read data from specified strip
Tiff.readEncodedTile Read data from specified tile
Tiff.readRGBAImage Read image using RGBA interface
Tiff.readRGBAStrip Read strip data using RGBA interface
Tiff.readRGBATile Read tile data using RGBA interface
Tiff.rewriteDirectory Write modified metadata to existing IFD
Tiff.setDirectory Make specified IFD current IFD
Tiff.setSubDirectory Make subIFD specified by byte offset current IFD
Tiff.setTag Set value of tag
Tiff.write Write entire image
Tiff.writeDirectory Create new IFD and make it current IFD
Tiff.writeEncodedStrip Write data to specified strip
Tiff.writeEncodedTile Write data to specified tile
time Convert time of calendar duration to duration
timeit Measure time required to run function
timeofday Elapsed time since midnight for datetimes
timer Create object to schedule execution of MATLAB commands
timer.delete Remove timer object from memory
timer.get Query property values for timer object
timer.isvalid Determine timer object validity
timer.set Set property values for timer object
timer.start Start timer object
timer.startat Schedule timer to fire at specified time
timer.stop Stop timer object
timer.timerfind Find timer object
timer.timerfindall Find timer object, regardless of visibility
timer.wait Block command prompt until timer stops running
timerange Time range for timetable row subscripting
times Element-wise multiplication
timeseries Create timeseries object
timetable Create timetable from workspace variables
timetable2table Convert timetable to table
timezones List time zones
title Add title
toc Read elapsed time from stopwatch
todatenum Convert CDF epoch object to MATLAB serial date number
toeplitz Toeplitz matrix
toolboxdir Root folder for specified toolbox
topkrows Top rows in sorted order
toposort Topological order of directed acyclic graph
trace Sum of diagonal elements
transclosure Transitive closure
transpose Transpose vector or matrix
transreduction Transitive reduction
trapz Trapezoidal numerical integration
treelayout Lay out tree or forest
treeplot Plot picture of tree
triangulation Triangulation in 2-D or 3-D
tril Lower triangular part of matrix
trimesh Triangular mesh plot
triplequad Numerically evaluate triple integral
triplot 2-D triangular plot
TriRep (Not recommended) Triangulation representation
TriRep (Not recommended) Triangulation representation
TriScatteredInterp (Not recommended) Interpolate scattered data
TriScatteredInterp (Not recommended) Interpolate scattered data
trisurf Triangular surface plot
triu Upper triangular part of matrix
true Logical 1 (true)
try, catch Execute statements and catch resulting errors
tscollection Create tscollection object
tsdata.event Construct event object for timeseries object
tsearchn N-D closest simplex search
type Display contents of file
typecast Convert data types without changing underlying data
tzoffset Time zone offset from UTC
uialert (App Designer) Display alert dialog box for UI figure window
uiaxes (App Designer) Create UI axes for plots in App Designer
uibutton (App Designer) Create push button or state button component
uibuttongroup Create button group to manage radio buttons and toggle buttons
uicheckbox (App Designer) Create check box component
uicontextmenu Create context menu
uicontrol Create user interface control object
uidropdown (App Designer) Create drop-down component
uieditfield (App Designer) Create text or numeric edit field component
uifigure (App Designer) Create UI figure window
uigauge (App Designer) Create circular, linear, ninety-degree, or semicircular gauge component
uigetdir Open folder selection dialog box
uigetfile Open file selection dialog box
uigetpref Conditionally open dialog box according to user preference
uiimport Import data interactively
uiknob (App Designer) Create continuous or discrete knob component
uilabel (App Designer) Create label component
uilamp (App Designer) Create lamp component
uilistbox (App Designer) Create list box component
uimenu Create menus and menu items on figure windows
uint16 Convert to 16-bit unsigned integer
uint32 Convert to 32-bit unsigned integer
uint64 Convert to 64-bit unsigned integer
uint8 Convert to 8-bit unsigned integer
uiopen Open dialog box for selecting files to load into workspace
uipanel Create panel container object
uipushtool Create push button on toolbar
uiputfile Open dialog box for saving files
uiradiobutton (App Designer) Create radio button component
uiresume Resume execution of blocked program
uisave Open dialog box for saving variables to MAT-file
uisetcolor Open color picker
uisetfont Open font selection dialog box
uisetpref Manage preferences used in uigetpref
uislider (App Designer) Create slider component
uispinner (App Designer) Create spinner component
uistack Reorder visual stacking order of objects
uiswitch (App Designer) Create slider switch, rocker switch, or toggle switch component
uitab Create tabbed panel
uitabgroup Create container for tabbed panels
uitable Create table user interface component
uitextarea (App Designer) Create text area component
uitogglebutton (App Designer) Create toggle button component
uitoggletool Create toggle button on toolbar
uitoolbar Create toolbar on figure
uiwait Block program execution and wait to resume
uminus Unary minus
undocheckout (To be removed) Undo previous checkout from source control system (UNIX platforms)
unicode2native Convert Unicode character representation to numeric bytes
union Set union of two arrays
unique Unique values in array
uniquetol Unique values within tolerance
unix Execute UNIX command and return output
unloadlibrary Unload shared library from memory
unmesh Convert edge matrix to coordinate and Laplacian matrices
unmkpp Extract piecewise polynomial details
unregisterallevents Unregister all event handlers associated with COM object events at run time
unregisterevent Unregister event handler associated with COM object event at run time
unstack Unstack data from single variable into multiple variables
untar Extract contents of tar file
unwrap Correct phase angles to produce smoother phase plots
unzip Extract contents of zip file
uplus Unary plus
upper Convert string to uppercase
urlread Download URL content to character vector (not recommended)
urlwrite Download URL content and save to file (not recommended)
usejava Determine if Java feature is available
userpath View or change default user work folder
validateattributes Check validity of array
validatestring Check validity of text
ValueIterator An iterator over intermediate values for use with mapreduce
values Identify values in containers.Map object
vander Vandermonde matrix
var Variance of timeseries data
var Variance
varargin Variable-length input argument list
varargout Variable-length output argument list
varfun Apply function to table or timetable variables
vartype Subscript into table or timetable by variable type
vectorize Vectorize expression
ver Version information for MathWorks products
verctrl (To be removed) Source control actions (Windows platforms)
verLessThan Compare toolbox version to specified character vector
version Version number for MATLAB and libraries
vertcat Concatenate arrays vertically
vertcat (tscollection) Vertical concatenation for tscollection objects
vertexAttachments Triangles or tetrahedra attached to specified vertex
vertexAttachments (Not recommended) Return simplices attached to specified vertices
vertexNormal Triangulation vertex normal
VideoReader Create object to read video files
VideoReader Read video files
VideoWriter Create object to write video files
VideoWriter Write video files
view Viewpoint specification
viewmtx View transformation matrices
visdiff Compare two text files, MAT-Files, binary files, Zip files, or folders
volume Volume of 3-D alpha shape
volumebounds Coordinate and color limits for volume data
voronoi Voronoi diagram
voronoiDiagram Voronoi diagram
voronoiDiagram (Not recommended) Voronoi diagram
voronoin N-D Voronoi diagram
waitbar Open or update wait bar dialog box
waitfor Block execution and wait for condition
waitforbuttonpress Wait for key press or mouse-button click
warndlg Create warning dialog box
warning Display warning message
waterfall Waterfall plot
web Open web page or file in browser
weboptions Specify parameters for RESTful web service
webread Read content from RESTful web service
websave Save content from RESTful web service to file
webwrite Write data to RESTful web service
week Week number
weekday Day of week
what List MATLAB files in folder
whatsnew Release Notes
which Locate functions and files
while while loop to repeat when condition is true
whitebg Change axes background color
who List variables in workspace
whos List variables in workspace, with sizes and types
width Number of table variables
wilkinson Wilkinson's eigenvalue test matrix
winopen Open file in appropriate application (Windows)
winqueryreg Item from Windows registry
winter Winter colormap array
withtol Time tolerance for timetable row subscripting
workspace Open Workspace browser to manage workspace
write Write data to remote host over TCP/IP
write Write tall array to disk for checkpointing
writeChecksum Compute and write checksum for current HDU
writeCol Write elements into ASCII or binary table column
writeComment Write or append COMMENT keyword to CHU
writeDate Write DATE keyword to CHU
writeHistory Write or append HISTORY keyword to CHU
writeImg Write to FITS image
writeKey Update or add new keyword into current HDU
writeKeyUnit Write physical units string
writetable Write table to file
writeVideo Write video data to file
xlabel Label x-axis
xlim Set or query x-axis limits
xlsfinfo Determine if file contains Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
xlsread Read Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
xlswrite Write Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file
xmlread Read XML document and return Document Object Model node
xmlwrite Write XML Document Object Model node
xor Find logical exclusive-OR
xslt Transform XML document using XSLT engine
xtickangle Rotate x-axis tick labels
xtickformat Specify x-axis tick label format
xticklabels Set or query x-axis tick labels
xticks Set or query x-axis tick values
year Year number
years Duration in years
ylabel Label y-axis
ylim Set or query y-axis limits
ymd Year, month, and day numbers of datetime
ytickangle Rotate y-axis tick labels
ytickformat Specify y-axis tick label format
yticklabels Set or query y-axis tick labels
yticks Set or query y-axis tick values
yyaxis Create chart with two y-axes
yyyymmdd Convert MATLAB datetime to YYYYMMDD numeric value
zeros Create array of all zeros
zip Compress files into zip file
zlabel Label z-axis
zlim Set or query z-axis limits
zoom Turn zooming on or off or magnify by factor
ztickangle Rotate z-axis tick labels
ztickformat Specify z-axis tick label format
zticklabels Set or query z-axis tick labels
zticks Set or query z-axis tick values
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