Handle Classes

Objects that share references with other objects.

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Create the appropriate type of class for your application:

  • Value classes enable you to create new array classes that have the same semantics as numeric classes.

  • Handle classes enable you to create objects that more than one function or object can share.

See Modifying Objects for more information.


handle Abstract class for deriving handle classes
matlab.mixin.SetGet Abstract class used to derive handle classes with set and get methods
dynamicprops Abstract class used to derive handle class with dynamic properties
matlab.mixin.Copyable Superclass providing copy functionality for handle objects


delete Handle object destructor
findobj Find handle objects matching specified conditions
isa Determine if input is object of specified class
isvalid Is object valid handle class object
findprop Find meta.property object associated with property name
relationaloperators Equality and sorting of handle objects
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