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Handle Classes

Classes can support reference or value semantics.

Create the appropriate type of class for your application:

  • Value classes enable you to create new array classes that have the same semantics as numeric classes.

  • Handle classes define objects that reference the object data. Copying an object creates another reference to the same data.

For a discussion of how object users work with handle objects, see Using Handles.


isequal Determine array equality
eq Determine equality


handle Abstract class for deriving handle classes
matlab.mixin.SetGet Abstract class used to derive handle classes with set and get methods
dynamicprops Superclass for classes that support dynamic properties
matlab.mixin.Copyable Superclass providing copy functionality for handle objects


handle.addlistener Create event listener
handle.delete Delete handle object
handle.findobj Find handle objects
handle.isvalid Determine valid handles
handle.findprop Find object
handle.relationaloperators Determine equality or sort handle objects
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